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President Obama update Unemployment to 52wks max per every 5yrs contributed to Social Security 99ers

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      jill c

      Fresh Meadows, NY

After working all of your life consecutively ( ex: right out of high school non-stop 25yrs) never used any unemployment benefits, contributed to Social Security and then the company (ex: bailed out Banks) you work for has mass layoffs due to the economy. Right now many people mostly baby boomers are out of work or underemployed and companies are not hiring them and these workers have not reach retirement age, and are between the age of 45-64. If the government updates unemployment to 52weeks (1yr) max for every 5yrs contributed into Social Security, that would give greater help to the economy because it would give the unemployed/underemployed workers who currently only received 99wks or less, 1yr per every 5yrs worked (ex: total 5yrs of unemployment for 25yrs, balance due 3yrs and 5wks, if already received 99wks). The 1yr per 5yr max can be spreaded out over 5yrs, when needed, but the total max yrs would be 8yrs base on 40yrs of work. This would create a "FURLOUGH" effect when the economy becomes bad every so often. Please make this "Retroactive" if not receiving any social security.

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    • Liz Cote SPRINGFIELD, MA
      • over 1 year ago

      I also have worked for almost 50 years. During which I have paid my (along with other taxes) my social security contribution. I believe this petition has great merit, since it would help not just me but others my age. Though we have worked our whole lives, we are caught in an abyss without income. This petition would do the "right" thing and determine eligibility based on years worked. We have paid so much into the system, please let us help in our time of need.


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