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President Obama

Take action on climate change.

    1. Global Green USA
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      Global Green USA

We just came out of the hottest year in history. Extreme weather has cost lives and billions in damage. A new study predicts that sea levels may rise by more than three feet by the end of this century and the frightening trend of rapidly melting ice in the Arctic means that the entire planet will be affected by changes in climate patterns.
There is no time to wait.
If we take climate change and rising sea levels seriously, we need to continue to invest in clean energy like solar, increase energy efficiency, and make reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. We must seriously reconsider plans to drill in the Arctic, which further endangers the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic.
With a focus on clean energy, we will create more green jobs, more resilient cities, and a more robust economy as a result.

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    • Joe Spinelli BROOKLYN, NY
      • 10 months ago

      Enviornmental issues have been important to me since I was in the seventh grade and now with the technology we are developing we can create a sustainable future. One of the main contricutors has to be Obama, with him we can futher our plans.

    • Doreen Petri ERIE, PA
      • 10 months ago

      I have been teaching environmental science at the high school level for 35 years and championed resource conservations projects at all grade levels. We cannot continue to use resources without future sustainability considerations. We must consider our children and future generations and the earth we are leaving for them.

    • Celia Woodworth MONTAGUE, MI
      • 11 months ago

      Security for the Country. Goverment stability.

    • Vanessa Rodriguez BELLFLOWER, CA
      • 11 months ago

      I think its very important for us to make a difference and protect our environment. I love being around nature, being its precious waterfalls, rainforest, parks and so on,but its really sad to see everything so polluted and trashed and there being less and less tress around. I want to see a better green world and if I have kids, show and explain to them how we all made it possible.

    • teacher LisAB ARROYO GRANDE, CA
      • 11 months ago

      NOW, it's about keeping our earth as Healthy as we can, while were here!


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