President Obama, Speaker Boehner: Stop cuts to Social Security and Medical Aid to Veterans
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President Obama, Speaker Boehner: Stop cuts to Social Security and Medical Aid to Veterans

    1. Mike Desavedagain
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      Mike Desavedagain

      San Francisco, CA

The budget you make should not force the poor to pay for follies of the rich on Wall Street.
This is the Moral Hazard of our time. Forcing millions to pay with their lives, well-being, and safety, due to the reckless disregard of our country's wealth and investments by Wall Street Tycoons. It is not only indefensible, but criminal. The people making the deals all along knew that they were personally not going to lose anything. Not only did they make money, but they made, and continue to make extravagant bonuses and continue the theft of people's pensions and savings. Bankrupting entire communities with contracts signed by cities and counties all over the world that they knew were not worth the amounts and then sticking the cities with all the risk as they began sucking the wealth out of these communities. Our last vestige of hope lies in the Federal Government. Do not allow them the theft or pilfering of our last resource.

We need leadership through investigations and laws that help the poor to recoup their loses, not a method for which to make the poor pay with their safety net.

Our Veterans are the very reason we are able to hold the trust of the world in our financial affairs. If you start cutting their benefits or medical care, then we all lose.
Many Veterans have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their immediate death, but others pay the same price throughout their lives, along with their families. We need to invest in their lives and healthcare, not force them to pay even more because of Wall Street's criminal financial misfeasance or malfeasance.

These financial misdeeds are blatant crimes. It is obvious to us and to everyone around the world. We demand your attention and authority to correct the course, but to also insure the ones who made the mess have to clean it up, personally.

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    • kellie schmaus GRANGEVILLE, ID
      • over 1 year ago

      im disabled vet.

    • Andrew Hoover HUMMELSTOWN, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      I have numerous family members, including my father and my grandfather, who served our nation in the armed forces.

    • john stultz HARRISBURG, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      The well being of poor elders

    • Kimberly Schaefer AURORA, CO
      • over 1 year ago

      I have MS and am disabled, and have been for 21 years. My Rx's costs are over $50,000 annually. Please do NOT cut Medicare. I feel SO stuck as is Now.

    • Edris Klucher PEORIA, AZ
      • over 1 year ago

      These are earned benefits. This is our money-not yours to play the game of chicken. Our veterans shouldn't have to put up with more "battles" at home.


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