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Nominate Janet Yellen as the next chair of the Federal Reserve Bank
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President of the United States

Nominate Janet Yellen as the next chair of the Federal Reserve Bank

    1. Hannah Walter
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      Hannah Walter

      Montclair, NJ

Will President Obama betray young women like me by passing over a qualified woman to run the Federal Reserve Bank? Not if I can help it.

My name is Hannah Walter and I’m a senior in high school. I know from my experience on my school’s Federal Reserve Challenge team that the Federal Reserve plays a key role in our economy by fighting inflation and keeping the banks in check. Economists, law and finance professors, and other experts agree and want a Fed Chair who is committed both to price stability and full employment.

That’s why I strongly urge you to join me in asking President Obama to nominate Janet Yellen as the next chair of the Federal Reserve Bank. As the current Vice Chair of the Fed, Yellen has shown strength in leadership. She has been a strong voice for regulating banks, as well as protecting jobs and wages.

Janet Yellen has the experience and qualifications to do the job, and experts as well as politicians across the political spectrum believe that she can build an economy that matures and thrives, fostering stable growth that leads to new jobs as well as price stability.

In nominating Yellen, President Obama has the opportunity to break the glass ceiling of the Fed and show young women like me, who are interested in careers in economics, math, and science, that a woman can transform an economy that the old boys' club brought down. What kind of message would the President be sending to young women by passing over the woman who is clearly the most qualified choice for the position?

President Obama, please don't let another distinguished and qualified woman be passed over. We need women in this country’s economic elite and we need a Fed Chair who has a proven record of protecting jobs and keeping a tight watch on banks.

Please sign this petition and join me in asking President Obama to appoint Janet Yellen to be Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve.

President of the United States
Nominate Janet Yellen as the next chair of the Federal Reserve Bank

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    • Kathleen Fowler ALTURAS, CA
      • 10 months ago

      We need someone with the qualifications and character of Janet Yellen to chair the Federal reserve Bank.

    • Henry Ickes ARLINGTON, VA
      • 10 months ago

      She's qualified, she's been there, she knows the ropes. Put her in.

    • David Schatz EVERETT, WA
      • 10 months ago

      Because the current Fed chairman isn't doing a good job!

    • Edwin Hiley ATHENS, PA
      • 10 months ago

      She is the best possible option, but maybe not the best choice. I'd like to see Joseph Stiglitz appointed.

    • Beverly North SEDGWICK, KS
      • 10 months ago

      Its time to put a qualified woman in this position. President Obama, you have said you support women so now its time for you to prove it by appointing a qualified woman


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