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  • Petitioned President Obama and The U.S. Senate

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President Obama and The U.S. Senate

reinstate Dr. Marilyn Brown to the Board of the Tennessee Valley Authority

    1. Carol Landis
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      Carol Landis

      Johnson City, TN

Dr. Brown has served as a knowledgeable spokesperson for sound science and energy policy on the TVA Board for the past two years and should not be blocked from her continued exemplary service to our country. Dr. Brown "teaches at one of the country's premier engineering schools [Georgia Institute of Technology]. She clearly has the technical background, and she's been a big supporter of renewable energy and energy efficiency," according to Stephen Smith of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

Dr. Brown has testified before both the House and Senate, and is a reliable source for analysis and interpretation of U.S. energy futures.

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, "During a previous career at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, she managed annual research budgets of $50 million to $130 million, focused on energy efficiency, renewable energy, the electric grids and energy engineering projects."

Dr. Brown said she "very much wants to remain on the TVA board." Her familiarity with the operations of the TVA and her detailed knowledge of climate issues and energy policy make her eminently qualified to serve in this capacity.

We petition President Obama to nominate Dr. Brown again and the full Senate to swiftly approve her reinstatement to the TVA Board.

President Obama and The U.S. Senate
reinstate Dr. Marilyn Brown to the Board of the Tennessee Valley Authority

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      • over 1 year ago

      I spent 10 years in the US studying Economics and Environmental Studies. Climate change affects everyone. US need act on climate change ASAP and I am confident that people like Dr. Marilyn Brown can have a positive impact.

    • Peggy Berg ATLANTA, GA
      • over 1 year ago

      I am an admirer of Dr. Brown's thoughtful and knowledgeable approach to energy management and the TVA. Her's is a needed voice on the TVA Board.

    • Richard Barke MARIETTA, GA
      • over 1 year ago

      She couldn't have better qualifications or experience. This shouldn't be a partisan position.

    • Matt Cox CHAMBLEE, GA
      • over 1 year ago

      She's brilliant and it's stupid she was blocked.

    • Paul Baer ATLANTA, GA
      • over 1 year ago

      Dr. Brown is unquestionably a world expert on energy policy and the TVA can only benefit from her service.


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