Premier Denis Napthine: Protect Victoria from dangerous coal and gas mining
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Premier of Victoria, Denis Napthine

Premier Denis Napthine: Protect Victoria from dangerous coal and gas mining

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      Coal and Gas Free Victoria

The moratorium on fracking in Victoria is likely to be lifted this month. The minute that happens, fracking for unconventional gas will commence in some of Victoria’s prime agricultural land!

The rapid expansion of Victoria’s coal and unconventional gas industries threatens the health of rural communities, will destroy farmland, devastate natural ecosystems and contaminate water supplies.

We call on Premier Denis Napthine to institute a moratorium on all new coal and unconventional gas mining until it can be scientifically proven safe for us and our future generations.

Last year, in response to growing community opposition, the state government placed a moratorium (temporary ban) on all gas mining operations involving hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

However, this moratorium does not extend to other methods of gas extraction and does not cover coal mining at all - practices that also pose great risk to our health, climate and environment.

It is also likely to be lifted in the next few weeks when the National Harmonised Framework on CSG is released – national regulations on coal seam gas mining currently being developed by Australia’s energy ministers.

Very little is known about this framework and there is grave concern that it will not adequately protect communities and the environment from the devastating effects of coal and coal seam gas mining.

Mining licences cover almost all of Gippsland, some of Victoria’s most valuable agricultural land that produces food worth $1.3 billion each year.

There is a dangerously high risk that unconventional gas mining will directly compromise the state’s ability to produce uncontaminated food and water.

Now is the time to urge the government to take all necessary action to stop irreversible damage to Victoria’s most valuable agricultural land, to protect our farmland, our food and water supply and our climate future.

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      • 8 months ago

      This scheme is too experimental and dangerous. There are numerous other options we could use, eg wind farms and solar panels. We can't turn back once the land is degraded and raped. Economically, rehabilitation of the land is not viable. We need land for food production. Please do not allow this madness to persist and invest in sustainable practices.

    • Grant smith AUSTRALIA
      • 8 months ago

      There is ample evidence to show that Fracking is environmentally vandalistic.

    • Chali Banney AUSTRALIA
      • 8 months ago

      The enormity of what will happen to Australia and it's beautiful communities is kept secret form the masses in order to make a few people very rich. The well fare of our land and people should be the most important issue being addressed here which sadly is not the case. Our land will never be the same again and many people will end up displaced and very ill.....I SAY "NO".....wake up smell the roses it's time for sustainable energy sources......God Save Us....!

    • Shelley Cox AUSTRALIA
      • 10 months ago

      Because we must put a viable and sustainable level of clean, air, land, water, sea and biodiversity before all other factors, only then can we keep our beautiful planet inhabitable and safe for humans in perpetuity

      • 11 months ago

      Humanity cannot afford to burn the vast majority of fossil fuel reserves if we are to prevent dangerous global warming.


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