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Pound Rounds: Cease functioning

    1. Animal Rescue Protectors
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      Animal Rescue Protectors

      Sydney, Australia

Pound Rounds refer to themselves as animal brokers in the rescue industry. Using a Facebook page, the members advertise dogs in Hawkesbury and Blacktown Pound which are due for euthanasia. They also seek and gain the release of animals out of Hawkesbury and Blacktown council under their name and other names (utilizing several 16(d) exemptions) including: Sanctuary Tails Animal Rescue and North Shore Family Rescue, therefore effectively functioning as an animal rescue group.

However, this group and affiliated groups are considered far from ethical. Notable witnessed animal welfare concerns include:
- Long term kennelling of dogs without regard to mental health
- False advertising of an animals behaviour and temperament
- Placement of animals into unsuitable adoptive/foster homes
- Sedation of animals without addressing behavioural issues

Other alleged issues include:
- Failure to lodge C3A forms into new owners name
- Failure to provide paperwork to adoptive owner
- Slander and libel against other rescue groups and/or individual persons
- Non transparency with fund raising

We, the undersigned, ask that our local councils and state governments take all actions against Pound Rounds, their affiliate groups and associated members to:
- Prohibit the sourcing of animals from council operated pounds
- Refuse ability to gain another 16(d) exemption
- Be held accountable for the animals in their name/s
- Current 16(d) exemption, their charity status and deductible gift recipient is abolished immediately
- Conduct an urgent audit by the Liquor, Gaming and Racing office

If you are interested in asking the group questions yourself, their Facebook page is: www.facebook.com/PoundRoundsAustralia

To read about the accusations above visit:

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    1. Decision-maker Garry Baldry responds:

      Garry Baldry

      Hawkesbury City Council has taken steps to ensure only animals with a suitable temperament are released to rescue groups and where any concerns are evident, the animal is subjected to temperament testing by Dr Robert Zamitt, and dependent...

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    Reasons for signing

    • Wendy Gavin EXETER, AUSTRALIA
      • 6 months ago

      Wasted money donating.

      Not a charity!!!

    • Anita Newton AUSTRALIA
      • 7 months ago

      if they are not conducting themselves in an appropriate manner then they are only doing more damage to the animals and not saving any lives at all. I used to be a follower on FB but after the constant bombardment of spam and guilt and shame advertising I had to remove myself from their page. They need to clean up their act or be forced to cease trading.

    • Kerry Martin AUSTRALIA
      • 9 months ago

      I was shocked after doing a little research on how Mel conducts her business, she was still asking for donations for one dog 2 weeks after Animal Welfare Removed it from the pound! I got suckered for $550! Please do your research before you donate, it could just end up in someones pocket & not helping the animals it was meant for!

    • Erica Wilson AUSTRALIA
      • 12 months ago

      Because a member of my family got 2 dogs from them as they said they wanted to home them together as they get on so well. Both dogs fight each other terribly sometimes and cause damage. They are both destructive in the home. They are on a large property and unfortunately 1 dog has killed 2 animals and seriously attacked another. We took the dog to the vet to have it put down after careful consideration and 2 consultations with a vet. The vet discovered that we couldnt put the animal down as they hadnt changed the paperwork into my childs name. When we contacted them they said that we didnt own the dog and when I said that we did as we paid them money she hung up on me. Someone was suppose to ring me in an hour from Pound rounds and they havnt rung me. After looking on this website I will not surrender the dog to them because I am worried they will re home it and it is a killer dog.

    • Melissa Sterling KATOOMBA, AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      Dogs are being homed inappropriately- this is dangerous to all involved and innocent people trying to help rescue. PR are deceptive and not an ethical group.


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