PLEASE URGENTLY HELP CEASE price hikes coming early 2013
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PLEASE URGENTLY HELP CEASE price hikes coming early 2013

    1. Brett Golightly
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      Brett Golightly

      Longview, TX

In today's society with the highest rate of UNEMPLOYED, we have the big dogs trying to get richer while WE continue to STRUGGLE and get POORER. Help me to URGE the deciding people to vote AGAINST utility increases from SWEPCO. For SWEPCO customers, they are wanting to raise the rates by $12/month/per household! Do you REALIZE how much MORE money this would be for them?!?!?! I would have started this process sooner, but we JUST NOW got our power restored after being WITHOUT A/C that we have PAID FOR
I am an unemployed FT student that was terminated due to being sick. That company tried covering it up and fought my unemployment claim for 3 months. Then, my food stamps were at the $200/month rate until they figured in my unemployment and dropped it down to $35/month. All of our other utilities have gone up 'due to gas prices'...DOUBLED. How do we expect ANYONE to make it AND afford the newly mandated rates coming of having insurance premiums to our LAW OF LIVING? Now, this was at the end of my unemployment term against that last employer and WHAT FOOD I DO HAVE, I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT if it was not LEFT TO ROT and RUIN at the hands of these MAJOR MONEY HOGS. . .UPDATE: 9/30/12: Woke up again WITHOUT power. Called at 7:20 & 8:30 to both times saying restoration was at 10:30AM. Woke up at 12:37PM to NO power still. I called back, spoke with rep about same instances and there was one house @ end of the street WITH power. She said there was a tree down on the line & that house was on a separate breaker. THIS makes the 2nd time we've had to ARGUE our points of fairness to them due to their games with playing with electricity. IF there WAS a tree down, then WHY did our power come back on IMMEDIATELY after I hung up? I brought up the price increases and she said I needed to address the commission THIS petition is going to. I informed her REAL quick that there are actions being taken for STOPPING THIS already. 

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      Brett Golightly
      Petition Organizer

      Today, they said the storms threw our power out just like the first time. When that happens, the street lights go out with everyone's power in the neighborhood. I'm sensing they are trying to do updates at night while everyone sleeps and not realizing how long it is going to take and then they could blame it on the storms just like they did blaming it on the "fallen tree on the line that needed to be cut" on last call-in session, but we conveniently had power in less than two minutes after that calling in. Now, the systems have changed where you can't speak to ANY live rep of the company when you call in as we found on today's power trip-opoly, but yet...the street lights were still on?

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    • Timothy Paich LOVELADIES, NJ
      • almost 2 years ago

      We don't want more people to go poor.

      This could help the poor and keep more and more people from going poor. The recession we're facing now could go worse than the great depression or be just as bad.

      This is to help with the economic downturn. I have a petition below that’s for the economy and ridiculous gas prices and other things affecting us. Let’s sign mine. I need 1,000 signatures in total.

      We should also take a stand against greed. I blamed it all on high gas prices for driving schools on waiting lists. It's common sense for first time learners for driving to have behind the wheel for car insurance reduction and most important safety of learning.

      We are taking stands against greed as well. You people who signed this petition should sign mine if you haven't. The author of this petition should sign mine on the link as well if haven’t.

    • Stacey Cowell ATCO, NJ
      • almost 2 years ago

      just not fair. So many people struggling. I just do not understand

    • Brett Golightly LONGVIEW, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      Creator and reasons are provided!


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