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President Barrock Oboma

please President Oboma, save Americas Wild Mustangs

    1. elizabeth loftin
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      elizabeth loftin

      Beaufort, NC

President Oboma, Americas Wild Mustangs....are the Symbol of America !!! Without the American Wild Mustang......who are we !!!???? What symbolizes our History !!!????????? In 1993 President Bill Clinton....signed an HRBill___, to save the Shackelford Wild Mustangs/horses on Shackelford Banks N.C. Beaufort N.C. 28516. If those in Congress are telling you this is not important to the American History and American People....then they are setting you up for political suicide !!!! Meaning....the American People will Hate You !!! And they will not remember All The Good That You Did !!!!! They will Only Remember............That America's Wild Horses where killed to extinction..........while ON YOUR WATCH !!!!! Please stop the B.L.M. !!!!! And please listen to The American Mustang Representitives !!! Mustang Meg !!!! Sir.......one day your grandchildren....will say to you.....Granddaddy where are all the American Wild Horses....in our History books.....where are the American Wild Horses Granddaddy...people say...they where all killed .....ON YOUR WATCH !!! On they will look up to you..with star gazed eyes.....the look one gets..when seeing an American Wild Mustang...running Free....and your grandchild..will thank-you....for SAVING And PROTECTING The AMERICAN WILD MUSTANGS/HORSES !!!!! The most popular sports car American made that there ever was.....was made and named after The AMERICAN MUSTANG !!! Thank-you President Oboma, for your immediate attention to this matter !!! Respectfully Yours, Ms.M.Elizabeth Loftin.....founder and President of The Friends Of The Shackelford Wild Mustangs of Shackelford Banks N.C. 252 342 1320

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    2. mustang meg I have started my own petition...I hope this helps !!!

      elizabeth loftin
      Petition Organizer

      I hope by contacting President Oboma...directly that he will take immediate control of this mockery of. America ' s True Symbol of Freedom, The American Wild Mustang !!!!!


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    • Melissa Austin DANVILLE, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Until animals are treated with respect the world will not be at peace. Ghandi

    • elizabeth loftin BEAUFORT, NC
      • over 2 years ago

      Hello everybody !!! when i started this petition to the president...there wasnt anything out there started yet to attack this american travesty !!! alot of you have signed and the horses and i appreciate this but also...instead of signing...alot people created thier own !!! my petition is not a self glory issue !!! my petition is not asking for one dime of your money!!! all my petition is............IS A VOICE FOR THE HORSES !!!! MY PRETITION.....IS...............YOUR PETITION !!!! in qoot i gather'd 70;000 signatures on foot, door to door, car to car, bus load of people to bus load of people !!! now we have fb !!! come on people !! this petition will save the horses !!! that petition...i did i1995...........gained the shackelford wild horses PRESIDENTIAL PROTECTION ON THIER OWN HOMELAND !!!!!! SHACKLEFORD BANKS N.C. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i suggested A MILLION HORSE RIDE TO THE WHITE HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and look it sprung up everywhere !!! come on people...get this million signatures PETITION SIGNED !!! THE HORSE THANK YOU !!!! and I THANK YOU !!! SIGN and THANK YOURSELF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Linda Pullen MONMOUTH, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      Big government and the departments in it have been running rough shod over our country and its citizens, mustangs, the environment, etc. because they are getting large amounts of money from special interest groups to put their interests above the welfare of our country. They commit daily atrocities against our mustangs and force tax payers to pay the bill. Our government officials need to stand before judges in courts of law and to be held legally accountable for their actions. They are not above the law.

    • Natasha Hickman REMBRANDT, IA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because mustangs are part of how this country was won over.


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