Lift the ban policy on pitbull breeds for Doggie Daycamps

Lift the ban policy on pitbull breeds for Doggie Daycamps

    1. Terrie Coats
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      Terrie Coats

      Minneapolis, MN

As a Petsmart customer for many years, I was dismayed to learn that their current Doggie daycamp policy discriminates based on the breed of dog or appearance of the dog:

I am asking Petsmart Corporate, to reconsider this policy and admit any dog who passes temperment testing and exhibits well socialized behavior with other dogs, regardless of breed or appearance.  My own dog Piper (pictured), is a well mannered dog and very well socialized with dogs of all sizes.  She is our family dog and would pass all of their temperment requirements!  However, she is not given that chance because of her breed and appearance.  Neither would the millions of family dogs like her, or the countless service and therapy dogs who are pitbull breeds.  Please join with us in asking that Petsmart corporate's policy for it's stores, reflect fair and balanced policies based on temperment, allowing all good dogs equal opportunity for patronage at doggie daycamp facilities with proper temperment assessments-  regardless of the breed or appearance of the dog. Let each dog be judged on it's character. 

Lift the ban policy on pitbull breeds for Doggie Daycamps

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    • gina buonfiglio MILDRED, PA
      • 14 days ago

      Pitbulls are family dogs they were americas first military dog these dogs when raised with love protect kids and women like they were breed to. hitting this breed or abusing it in anyway makes it scared and mean its people not the breed.

    • Leigh Hileman GREENVILLE, NC
      • 14 days ago

      The continuation of a breed discrimination policy by a well-known and respected company such as Petsmart only continues the dissemination of false information and fear mongering regarding bully breeds. The research does not support upholding the ban! I will not shop at any Petsmart store until the ban is lifted, nor will several of my family members and/or friends. They were appalled to learn of this policy, as I was! Our AmStaff is submissive to the three kitties we have in our house! Yet she was isolated for the day at a Petsmart hotel because of her breed. Not another dime, Petsmart!

    • Deborah Williams PLANT CITY, FL
      • 14 days ago

      I am a new owner of a pit bull puppy and I have read that they need to learn to socialize with other dogs and humans. I am in love with my baby girl and hate the idea that because of her breed she is "looked down upon" by those who don't give these dogs a chance. Yes it is the owner who is responsible for having a loving, sociable pet.

    • Jennifer Lewis TAMPA, FL
      • 15 days ago

      It's not the dog's fault that he's a dog.

    • LaToya Pettiford MCLEANSVILLE, NC
      • about 1 month ago

      i have a pitbull dog-phew who is very well mannered and very social, who i would hate to be discriminated against simply because he is part of a breed that has a bad rep.


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