Petition to Encourage Investment in Startups and Small Businesses
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Petition to Encourage Investment in Startups and Small Businesses

    1. Sherwood Neiss
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      Sherwood Neiss

      Miami Beach, FL

Startups and Small Businesses are a critical part of our economy.  They provide the majority of new jobs and salaries that are used to purchase goods (food, gas, rent), and stimulate the economy. However, Startups and Small Businesses need cash to fund their businesses and hire Americans.  With the financial meltdown, the traditional means of financing (bank loans, credit cards and venture capital) are no longer available to 98% of businesses because banks are holding on to their cash, credit card interest rates are insane and private capital is only available to a select few.  Without access to cash, thousands of businesses in 2011 will not start or grow and that means fewer jobs and a weaker US economy.  

There is a solution.  It is called crowdfunding – regular Americans, choosing to invest small amounts of money in small businesses in their communities.  However the SEC doesn’t allow the average American to invest at all because of regulations written almost 80 years ago.  Sign our petition (click "The Petition" to the right to read the full petition) to voice your agreement that the SEC should make our commonsense modifications to these regulations  to provide a reasonable level of investor protection (anti-fraud & transparency) while easing the restrictions so that capital can flow to startups and small businesses from individuals who want to invest small amounts of money in them.

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    1. Crowdfunding Petition has a VICTORY in Washington, DC!

      Sherwood Neiss
      Petition Organizer

      We are 2 steps closer to making this a realty! President Obama officially endorsed our bill, HR 2930, on November 2nd and yesterday the U.S. House of Representatives voted almost UNANIMOUSLY in favor of it (407 - 17)!!!

      Now it is time for us to bring Joe the Entrepreneur and Jill the Innovator to Washington, DC! On November 17th we are having our own Occupy event where we will rally in front of the SEC and have a teach-in with our Senators!


    2. A VICTORY for us! U.S. House votes in favor of Crowdfund Investing 407-17

      Sherwood Neiss
      Petition Organizer

      YOUR VOICE IS BEING HEARD! Since our last update, our bill, HR 2930 went thru 2 committees and yesterday in a rare bipartisan victory for us, the US House of Representatives voted almost unanimously in favor of making Crowdfund Investing LEGAL! THANK YOU for your support! But we aren't done yet! Now the U.S. Senate NEEDS TO HEAR FROM US! At this most critical juncture, we need to TAKE OUR VOICES TO WASHINGTON! And that's what we are doing on November 17th!

      This ties in perfectly with Global Entrepreneurship Week and a meeting the SEC is having that day on Small Business Capital Formation! So if you believe in us, if you think we can help entrepreneurs get access to capital, if you think WE CAN CHANGE HISTORY. Then help support us!

      We need donations and people to attend the rally!

    3. Crowdfunding: Next Great Startup Resource?

      Sherwood Neiss
      Petition Organizer

      Who says your support isn't making a difference? Read this article and you will see it is! In less than 8 months, we've been part of 2 congressional hearings on Capitol Hill, President Obama endorsed our exemption in the American Jobs Act and leading Republicans on the Hill have drafted HR2930, aka the Startup Exemption Act! How's that for progress? Thank you all for your support! We aren't done yet! Share how you have made a difference with your friends and family and ask them to sign our petition.

      Sherwood Neiss
      Chief Advocate, The Startup Exemption

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    • Ellen Fish BROOKLYN, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      It is time for Congress to move from obstruction to action in creating economic opportunities in America.

      And it is so simple: small businesses create jobs. Get capital to small businesses -- and we get people employed.

      Let the 99% of businesses put the 99% of people to work creating economic opportunity in America and around the world.

      Congress needs to make it possible for small businesses to get funding. We need politicians who act for us.

    • princie manuweera VAN NUYS, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I need to start my own business

    • Dan Dascalescu SAN JOSE, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Crowdfunding involves small amounts ($100 max, typically), that are safe for all investors.

    • Charles Evans BENTON CITY, WA
      • about 3 years ago

      I have recently been put out of business by a new ordinance issued since I started my business 13 years ago. Any thing will help.

      Charles L. Evans

      Rattlesnake Mountain Enterprises Inc.

      American Truth and Justice League



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