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against National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health / Finland

Petition against National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health / Finland

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      Tanja Hulkko

      Sipoo, Finland

HUOM! Jos olet allekirjoittanut jo tämän adressin: http://www.adressit.com/vastustamme_valviran_aikeita_puuttua_kilpirauhasongelmien_hoitoon, niin se riittää. Tämä adressi on tarkoitettu ulkomaisille tukijoille. Kiitos!

We, the signees of this petition, are against Valvira’s interference with doctor’s right to treat patients with thyroid medicines containing T3-hormone and other nontraditional medicines.

Thyroid medicines containing T3-hormone and other animal-based extract have helped hundreds of patients in Finland and thousands in other countries. Many patients that have not been helped by traditional methods have received relieve after a comprehensive plan has been followed that includes medication including T3-hormone and other animal-based extracts. These medications include: animal-based Armour Thyroid and Thyroid Efra and also synthetic T3-hormones Liothyronin and Thybon or a combination if these and synthetic T4-hormone (Thyroxin).

When T3-hormone or animal-based extracts are used for treatment of thyroid conditions, the same normal ranges in lab work cannot be considered as when patient is being treated with T4-hormones. T3-hormone and animal-based hormones can lower the TSH to a non-measurable level and also the free T4 can be below normal ranges.


The understanding that the reduction in TSH is harmful is not correct based on current understanding. It is logical that the free T4 reduces when medications containing T3-hormone are used because the hypothalamus no longer needs to produce TSH to direct the thyroid to produce T4-hormone.

The normal ranges in lab values in traditional thyroid disorder treatment are relied upon too much. Not enough emphasis is put on the symptoms that the patient is exhibiting or their general wellbeing. All thyroid dysfunctions are not treated even when the symptoms can be debilitating. In worst case scenario, the doctor does not even recognize the patient suffering from rT3.

This does not just cause inhumane suffering of patients but also effects national economy. Many of the un- or improperly treated patients miss out on educational opportunities and are not part of the workforce. It cannot be emphasized enough that many of the endocrinologist supporting the traditional treatments have not been able to help all patients suffering with thyroid problems. Studies show that approximately 10% of hypothyroidism sufferers still have the same symptoms even after taking thyroxin medication regiments. There are also many patients whose condition is not evident in traditional blood work but their wellbeing could improve considerably with T3- or animal-based extracts. Many patients that have been treated with T3 medications have been able to discontinue numerous psyche, depression, pain and other types of medications even when they have previously been told that their symptoms do not stem from thyroid malfunction.

It is time to end the one-sided and in many cases clearly inadequate ways of treating patients with thyroid problems. The doctor has to have the right to treat patient’s individual symptoms using the medication(s) that best suits the person in questions and provides them with the best quality of life. The patient’s quality of life and ability to work should be the end goal in treatment, not the normal ranges in lab work.

If Valvira limits the practice of the doctors that are successfully treating their patients with T3 and animal-based extracts, this will lead to people obtaining their medications online from sources that cannot be verified. Or patients will need to leave the country for appropriate treatment.

We demand that doctors treating thyroid conditions have the right to treat their patients as they best see fit and that their work not be limited with laws that stop them from prescribing appropriate medications. As the law states, patients must have the right to choose their own doctor.

Patients rights in Finland


Were collected for a number of decades satisfied patient stories of successful T3-only and combination treatments (T4 + T3/animal-based extracts)

Patient Stories





against National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health / Finland
Stop interfering the doctors treating with T3 and animal-based extracts

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      • about 1 year ago

      I have a friend who is dependant on the T3 in her medication

      • about 1 year ago

      Because thyroxine alone does not alleviate symptoms, sometimes even exaccerbates them! there are published PEER REVIWED studies showing that some people can not convert T4 to T3. Equally, no one is addressing the issue that in patients with reverse T3 present (especially common in diabetes and dieters), thre is no other effect way of treating hypothyroidism. Do the research and let it be accepted by all, then make rules!

    • victoria holmes YORK, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      armour thyroid saved my life...t4 only treatment does not suite everyone...it ruined my life.

      • about 1 year ago

      This is important to me because T4 medication alone leaves me with a reduced quality of life. Adding T3 to my medication regime changed my life, allowing me to work full time and also to get my masters.

      • about 1 year ago

      I need T3 to feel well. My T4 does not convert well. On T4 alone I feel ill all the time.


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