pet chaining: create ordinance prohibiting chaining of animals in Birmingham, AL
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Birmingham City Council
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pet chaining: create ordinance prohibiting chaining of animals in Birmingham, AL

    1. becky king
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      becky king

      birmingham, AL

This petition is so important because abused animals have no voice and without people like you and I the suffering will go on. I recently heard that Birmingham Alabama was labeled the “cesspool of animal cruelty”, a label well deserved. Many times I’ve reached out to authorities for help with animal abuse but got nowhere. In Birmingham there are no laws against chaining so the police have their hands tied. I’ve encountered many cases of cruelty, a dog chained to a deck post in the sweltering southern heat with no access to water, a large shepherd forced into a small crate outside with no food or water while the neighbor worked and one of the most horrid was a dog chained with no shelter during a winter storm. That dog laid in the sleet and rain while wailing so loud that I could hear it a block over. I called the police again to no avail. I did contact a group called TEARS who did come and rescue the dog. They said the dog would’ve died before morning. Later Birmingham banned the group from coming inside the city limits. Now I have a new issue. My new neighbor has chained his dog to a tree restricting it to about a four foot radius. The dog lays, sits and sleeps in the same spot day in, day out. When we have rain and lightning storms it will thrash from side to side trying to free itself from the chain. It’s terrified! Eventually it gives up and lies down in the mud with the raining pouring on. By storms end the dog is wiped out and appears to be unresponsive. I can’t ignore the suffering any longer, so I’m starting this petition in hope that I can get enough signatures to convince the Birmingham City Council to adopt a no chain ordinance. Cities all over the country have adopted new laws to prohibit chaining, its time Birmingham steps up to the table. PLEASE help me help them!

Kim Rafferty, Birmingham City Council
Cheryl Kidd, Council Administrator
create ordinance prohibiting chaining of animals in Birmingham, AL

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    • Vivian Burrow KIMBERLY, AL
      • about 1 month ago

      Animals deserve humane treatment.

    • Patricia Carlisle BIRMINGHAM, AL
      • about 1 month ago

      God gave us dominion over the animals because He expected us to take care of them....not abuse them.

    • Jewel Cooper BESSEMER, AL
      • 2 months ago

      Its time for animal cruelty to end & its time for people to take it seriously & be punished accordingly. It is pathetic & a disgrace that innocent animals suffer as a result of people's ignorance and cruelty.

    • Berkeley Monroe VESTAVIA HILLS, AL
      • 2 months ago

      Can ANYONE with a conscience or heart look at a dog chained and not feel compassion? We will be judged by how we treat the weak...and animals.

    • Christi Read NASHVILLE, TN
      • 2 months ago

      I am a dog LOVER & have rescued dogs ! NO CHAINING !!


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