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No future discrimination towards same sex couples
  • Petitioned Outlaw Saloon and Cadillac Ranch Bar

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Outlaw Saloon and Cadillac Ranch Bar
Kathleen Pafford, Lindsay Best.

No future discrimination towards same sex couples

    1. lindsay best
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      lindsay best

      CHeyenne, WY

Equality for all. In Cheyenne, Wy, The United States and worldwide, discrimination against sexual orientation is growing rapidly. As you can see we are petitioning two of the major nightlife establishments here in our community of Cheyenne. We have chosen to use both of these bars as examples as to why sexual orientation discrimination is so profound in today's society because of the recent activity at these places. Cadillac Ranch is involved because they refused to let same sex couples pay the "couple" fee when they first opened. We were told that we were not able to because "we weren't a legitamite couple. Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure many people have tried doing this as a stunt to get the discounted rate, but homosexual relationships are questioned more often rather than heterosexual in these instances. And who are you to point fingers and say that we are not a "couple"? The Outlaw was the only bar that posted the signs and banned "same-sex" couples from participating in their promotions on Wednesday nights. I understand that both of these places have said "sorry" and apologized for their ignorance, but for discrimination like this to have happened multiple times within the last year, is outrageous and uncalled for. So with this, our intention is to promote awareness and prevent sexual orientation discrimination not only in our own community but around the entire world! So please take the time to sign our petition if this is something that you believe in, support or have encountered yourself.



Outlaw Saloon and Cadillac Ranch Bar
Kathleen Pafford, Lindsay Best.
No future discrimination towards same sex couples

Equality for all

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