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Outlaw Roundup Herbicide

    1. Leslie Goldman
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      Leslie Goldman

      San Diego, CA

The use of Roundup herbicide is outlawed around the world. Think Blue, the effort to raise awareness regarding the need to protect our waterways for the sake of present and future generations, calls for action now. Roundup herbicide is widely used as a labor saving tool to keep us from doing gardening the old fashioned way that kept us in tune with nature. We need to outlaw Roundup now. We can no longer attempt to beat the system. It is time to adapt. Outlawing Roundup is long overdue. It is now in all our backyards, even the most invasive species of plants can be handled without its use.

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      Leslie Goldman
      Petition Organizer

      Think Blue and Roundup Herbicide do not go together. http://plantyourdream.net/?p=6487

      My good neighbor, who works for the emergency response team for hazardous waste for the City of San Diego told me that unless Roundup is outlawed as is Agent Orange and other harmful pesticides/ people will continue to use it. I am very concerned for the future of our kids. We need to raise awareness on Roundup Herbicide that is now aiming to come into my own backyard, literally, as good neighbors respond to the pressing needs to manage a stand of Arundo Donax (Giant Reed).

      Most gardeners think Roundup is safe. Is it? Are the substances in it truly inert? Now is the time to be standing up for Nature's Original Technology, each of us being an Organic Uprising. I prefer to garden with my neighbors without Roundup. I want to educate the City of San Diego now.

      El Cerrito Community Council inspires Arosa Canyon Overgrowth Cleanup ideas.


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