Oppose Removal of Over 1,000 Wild Horses From High Rock Complex
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Oppose Removal of Over 1,000 Wild Horses From High Rock Complex

    1. Stephanie Feldstein
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      Stephanie Feldstein

      Ypsilanti, MI

The Bureau of Land Managements has proposed removing 1,094 wild horses from the High Rock Complex on the California-Nevada border this fall. And it's just the beginning: the larger plan is to permanently remove a total of 2,000 mustangs from a tri-state area (California, Nevada and Oregon).

Although the High Rock Complex includes 584 square miles of Herd Management Areas, the BLM claims there's room for no more than about 250-450 horses. Meanwhile, the BLM has authorized the equivalent of 1,776 cattle to graze that same area.

In addition to the terrifying stress of the roundups and the horses who will be separated from their families in the process, the thousand horses removed from High Rock Complex will be sent to the BLM's already-overcrowded facilities, where more than 42,000 horses are being warehoused at a cost of nearly $40 million a year to taxpayers. These cruel roundups have to stop.

Following public outcry, the BLM included Alternative C in the Environmental Assessment, a humane option which involves treating females with a reversible, non-hormonal fertility vaccine and then returning all of the horses to the range. BLM is ignoring this cost-effective, compassionate option in their latest proposal. Take action to oppose the proposed roundup and urge the BLM to implement Alternative C.

Comment period ends July 15, 2011. Remember to add a polite personalized message when you sign.

You can also send comments directly via email to: cahighrockcomplex@blm.gov

or mail to:

Bureau of Land Management
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PO Box 460
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 For more information, see the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.

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    • Gina Benson SPRINGBROOK, WI
      • almost 3 years ago

      & Please Lord, Bless the horses that are in human hands... For in this world, they have no voice... THEY HAVE NO CHOICE!!!

    • Edie Brier WINNEMUCCA, NV
      • almost 3 years ago

      I just watched a true episode of survival where a woman was trapped in the desert for 13 days and on the verge of death. She saw some wild horses up ahead of her and she thought if she could get to them they might lead her to some water. As she was walking toward then she collapsed. She was awakened by the voices of the heliocopter attendants who were rescuing her. As she was wearing neutral colors she asked how they saw her. They told her when flying over they saw a group of mustangs oddly crowded and prodding at somthing on the ground and upon closer observation found it to be her.....Unusual behavior for mustangs who flee from the first sounds of heliocpters they appeared to be nuzzling and nudging her as to awaken or reviver her and only once the heliocpter began to descend upon them did they turn and flee. Literally, they saved her life, in a kind and conscious effort. Too bad the BLM wont do the same. Im ashamed of you Pres. OBAMA for your lack of regard in this matter. Guess what? WE WILL NOT GO AWAY!! were going to get louder and more insistant that you listen to the will of the American people and stop the destructin of our herds of horses and get Bob Abby and Ken Salazar out of the positions they have defiled.

    • Margaret Metz CLARENCE, NY
      • almost 3 years ago

      These round-ups need to be stopped, NOW! Get the cattle off of public lands. This is nothing more than capitalist greed. These National Parks are owned by the taxpayer and should be left untouched, unscathed by ALL! Preditory animals should NOT be controlled, nor any of the rest of the balance of nature. Stop the round-ups and GET OUT! This is NOT in the best interest or desires OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE or FOR THE PEOPLE! ...OR for the HORSES or any other FREE ROAMING animals that reside in these lands! The United States is MY backyard, and I want YOU to stop TRESPASSING!

    • Jenny Mehrtens PERRIS, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Please stop rounding up the wild mustangs. I know there are a million and one reasons floating around out there but none of them are as important as the horses freedom. PLEASE, I BEG YOU, don't remove the horses from the High Rock Complex. Signed Jenny Mehrtens

      • almost 3 years ago

      This carnage must stop, it's inhumane and totally unnecessary. These horses have a right to be there, they are families, which if this happens, will be broken up. In the name of God stop this roundup. There are more horses in holding bays than on the range, for gods sake where do you think they are better off????? It certainly isn't in these government funded prison camps. What a total waste of money. The BLM will not be happy until the last wild horse is rounded up and what a sorry state that will be but this is obviously their aim. Shame on you Mr Obama for letting this happen.


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