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Oppose Congressional Funding of the Merida Initiative

    1. J. Reed Brundage
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      J. Reed Brundage

      Chicago, United States

Mexican President Calderón to Washington, in his address to Congress on May 19, asks for continuing financial support for his "war on drugs," through the Merida Initiative, which was initiated by him and President Bush. While the Obama administration's budget recommends shifting some funds to social and economic support programs in Mexico (the "We Are All Juarez" initiative of Calderón), 66% still goes to support police and military efforts. This military and police funding the futility of the military response embodied in the Merida Initiative does not address the roots of the problem. Those roots lie in domestic US drug use and the laws that prohibit the regulated, legal sale of these drugs. We are petitioning Congress to end all military and police funding for Mexico and shift all funding to support social, economic and justice reform projects in Mexico.

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