Provide an opportunity to re-vote on where the next encampment will be
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Provide an opportunity to re-vote on where the next encampment will be

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      Tamera Currington

      Oakland, CA


Proposal for a Re-Vote:
Occupy Oakland to Re-Occupy at 19th and Telegraph During Nov 19 Day of Action (
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Downtown Oakland residents, citizens, parents, teachers, principals, small business owners, and fellow occupiers have spoken and request a re-vote on the proposal to move the OO encampment to 19th and Telegraph. As of 5:18 pm today (Nov. 17) 134 people have signed a petition to request a re-vote. See this link to the petition for an up to date count:

When the proposal was originally voted upon, it was clear that many of the key individuals impacted by this decision where not in attendance at that night’s GA. We believe the following facts and concerns should have been addressed more thoroughly:

Facts concerning the proposed encampment site @ 19th and Telegraph:
1) The new location is next door to the Oakland School of the Arts. This is a middle/high school serving children between the ages 11 – 18.
2) Families, administrators, and teachers of the adjacent school were not contacted for their feedback on the proposal
3) The new location is adjacent to an affordable housing complex.
4) The new location is going to occupy the newly developed art and sculpture garden of the affordable housing complex

Key Concerns:
- No community outreach that we know of was conducted prior to the proposal being voted upon, yet this is a move directly into a primarily residential area
- This location does not inflict the 1%, but would place hardships on working families and students
- When the Occupy Oakland encampment is within a close vicinity of a school, the school’s attendance and budget suffer, schools must close early or open late, and parents are fearful of their children’s well being (Case study – Envision Academy @ 15th and Webster)
- Innocent children will be put in the crossfire of OO and OPD without parents being given a voice or choice in the decision to involve their children
- This location falls within a drug free school zone thereby putting the Police into a position of “protectors” of the peace and safety of a community
- Once the decision was released into the community, an outpouring of responses from families and community members started surfacing requesting a re-vote and a new location

This proposal is not designed to propose a new site, but to simply ask for a re-vote.

Should we move our encampment to 19th and Telegraph?

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    Reasons for signing

    • Joe Jackson DAVIS, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Personally, I don't feel OccupyOakland has really sought to pursue action/occupation that highlights or pays attention to the racial/gender/age/dis-ability/ violence ect. statuses that characterize the current economic conditions, that economic circumstance being central to the purpose and concerns of the Occupy movement. In failing to do so, I've often felt as a person of color raised in Oakland, that the my voice, and that of my community and people hasn't been included at OO in proportional to our representation in Oakland. For me, this petition represents a good effort on the part of the creator of this petition to encourage inclusion, thoughtfulness and build in structures to proactively seek-out and include that voice in OO-GA decision-making.

    • Christine Haider WASHINGTON, DC
      • over 2 years ago

      Children and families are part of the 99%, we should be acting in solidarity with them, not forcing ourselves on them.

    • Jessica Levine KENSINGTON, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I have two children at school right next door--one of whom is 11 years old. The kids at this school take BART and OO in this location creates safety issues for our kids.

    • Mark brest van kempen OAKLAND, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I am in total agreement with the goals of Occupy but this site is not good. You want to be questioning the workings of big money and government- not affecting the workings of schools and ordinary citizens. DONT OCCUPY THE 99%!!!

    • Victoria Ashley ALAMEDA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      My primary concern is when this many people have concerns -- enough to start a petition -- it's important to find a way to be inclusive and hear them and try to a solution that most people can support. I note that many on this petition list are parents who often cannot go to the evening GAs. How can their voices best be heard by organizers and night-time GA attendees short of posting an online petition? It seems that most people on here are extremely supportive, but are not feeling heard well enough and want a say.


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