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North Carolina governor Bev Perdue

Stop the abuses & 96% cat kill rate at Davidson Country animal shelter

    1. Deborah Buie
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      Deborah Buie

      Casa Grande, United States

Davidson County, NC has a history of killing kittens and puppies using the gas chamber in violation of North Carolina law. It has a history of killing elderly and sick animals in that manner, which is also illegal. And, according to an eyewitness, shelter employees put a raccoon in the gas chamber with a mother cat and her kitten in order to sadistically watch them fight before they died: “The gas chamber has two windows, one on either side. The raccoon and the adult cat started fighting. Then they turned the gas on. The adult cat got on one corner and the raccoon got on the other, and as soon as they turned on the gas, the kitten started shaking and going into convulsions.” A contractor who was working at the shelter told the County Board that he heard the employees laugh when they did it. Animal lovers call Davidson County, North Carolina's shelter "savage," a "disgrace," "disgusting" and "horrific."
Cats: intakes 4133; adoptions 100; reclaimed 49; killed 3984.
Dogs: intakes 3625; adoptions 395; reclaimed 384; killed 2846.
Total kill rate for cats: 96%. Total kill rate for dogs: 79%.
Total adoption rate: 6%. Total kill rate: 88%

Please, Governor Perdue, investigate this atrocity at the State Level. The Davidson County Sheriff supports these illegal actions.

North Carolina governor Bev Perdue
Stop the abuses & 96% cat kill rate at Davidson Country animal shelter

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    • Ben Dibell MESA, AZ
      • over 1 year ago

      The closest description to how this practice makes me feel is "these people are probably going to hell", and the closest words to describe my reaction is "complete, utter abhorrence and milk curdling disgust".

    • Robert Taylor ANCHORAGE, AK
      • over 1 year ago

      This is a disgusting practice. You need to make people spay or neuter their animals unless they are a licensed breeder. Animals need to be labeled with electronic tags that say who their owner is/was and spaying/neutering is verified as stray animals are picked up. Your animal kill rate is far too large for your state. Also, you need to stop hiring sadists to work your facilities. The idea of allowing an animal fight before gassing them is inhuman as well as inhumane.

    • Debra Richardson IRVINE, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      This behavior is disgusting. They should shut this shelter down or hire a director who is an animal lover instead of a sadistic hater.

    • Ann Thomson VICTORIA, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      I am appalled at any sort of cruelty to any animals- anyone that would do something like this would think nothing of doing it to a human either. This suggests mental illness at its worst.


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