No Walmart in New York City
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No Walmart in New York City

    1. Adriana Velez
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      Adriana Velez

      Brooklyn, NY

Walmart is once again trying to make it in the Big Apple, this time with a media blitz touting all the ways New Yorkers could benefit from having Walmart stores in the city. Not all of us are buying it. Walmart may bring low prices and jobs, but they can also hurt small businesses, slow the progress of alternative food markets like CSAs and farmers markets, and bring only low-paying jobs mostly without benefits.

Community groups and citizens have closed New York City to Walmart before, and we can do it again. If you can’t make it to the the City Council hearing (February 3, 1:00 PM at Emigrant Savings Bank, 49-51 Chambers Street), please submit your testimony and tell the Council you do not want a Walmart in New York City.

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    • Monique Spinelli FLUSHING, NY
      • about 3 years ago

      This is the land of small business and mom and pop. There is no way I want Walmart to come and destroy any of these businesses by putting them out of business. Our small businesses bring variety and entreprenaurship to our city. Walmart destroys all of that. No matter what prices walmart uses to get people in the door, I never go to Walmart, or Target or K-Mart. I would rather pay more money for items than go to Walmart. Also the small businessman also offers competitive pricing and a personalized service that walmart cannot compete with.

    • Gabrielle Montes BROOKLYN, NY
      • about 3 years ago

      It's on all those funny little lists "you know you're a new yorker when" when you know what a bodega is. If walmart builds in the city, that night have to come off the list. All the local bodegas in the neighborhood around the walmart will end up closing because a little family-run store just can't keep up with the way they rig the system to get the prices down so low. That'll lead to a net Increase in the area unemployment, even when you take into account the jobs at the new walmart. If you must build a big box store then put a Costco there, they actually let their workers unionize and they treat their workers so much better.

      Have we forgotten that New York City was once the heart of the worker's movements in the early 1900 after the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire? Do we need annother tragedy to remind us of how big business stomps on the backs of the poor? Come on people, get with it. A Walmart in brooklyn, or anywhere else in our city, is bad news bears.


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