Nintendo: Slavery is Not a Game
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Nintendo: Slavery is Not a Game

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Bien que cette campagne sponsorisée soit rédigée en anglais, nous pensons qu'elle pourrait vous intéresser.

Nintendo has been a leader in the gaming world, but it has failed miserably on the problem of ‘conflict minerals’ mined with slave labour and violence in the Congo in Africa.

Armed groups in the Congo round up villagers at gunpoint and force adults and children to dig for minerals used in electronics, from your cell phone to your gaming console.

While other big companies like HP, Apple and Microsoft have taken steps to make their products conflict-free, Nintendo has just been ranked dead last in the industry with a score of zero in a report by the anti-genocide group, the Enough Project.

Tell Nintendo: Slavery is not a game. Please take the first step towards making your products free of 'conflict minerals' mined with slavery by auditing your supply chain and making the information public.

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      • 11 months ago

      Pour ne pas que les youtubeurs qui vivent des vidéos sur des jeux nintendo se fassent sucrer leurs revenus

      • about 1 year ago

      Il faut être vigilants à nos consommations, que celles-ci ne produisent pas de maltraitances ou d'esclavages en amont.


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