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New York University: Stop serving anti-gay Chick-fil-A on campus
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President, New York University
John Sexton
Secretary, Faculty Senators Council
Mary Ann Jones
Vice Chairperson, Faculty Senators Council
Marie Monaco
Chairperson, Faculty Senators Council
Ted Magder
Assistant Vice President for Business Development in Campus Services
Owen Moore
Vice President of Global Campus Services
Bob Kivetz
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Vice President of Public Affairs
John Beckman
Senior Vice President of University Relations and Public Affairs
Lynne P. Brown
Executive Vice President of Operations
Alison Leary
Executive Vice President
Michael Alfano
Vice Chairperson, Administrative Management Council
Alison Moppett
Chairperson, Administrative Management Council
Anita Dwyer
Chair, SSC and UCSL
Albert Cotugno

New York University: Stop serving anti-gay Chick-fil-A on campus

    1. Hillary Dworkoski
    2. Petition by

      Hillary Dworkoski

      Santa Monica, CA

While Chick-fil-A denies having an "agenda against anyone," an investigation by Equality Matters revealed that Chick-fil-A's charitable arm, WinShape, donated nearly $2 million to anti-gay groups in 2009 alone. That $2 million supported groups such as Focus On The Family, Exodus International, and the Family Research Council.

And New York City's only Chick-fil-A is located in a cafeteria in a New York University dorm.

NYU prides itself on being a diverse, open and inclusive campus community. That's one of the major reasons why I enrolled at NYU as a freshman last fall. Unfortunately, maintaining a contract with an anti-gay vendor like Chick-fil-A undermines what makes this university so great.

While the NYU Student Senators Council recently voted not to remove vendors for political reasons, they did retain that the school could remove vendors that violate human or labor rights. As Secretary Clinton recently announced, "gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights."

As such, I respectfully request that NYU remove Chick-fil-A from campus.

NOTE: We encourage everyone to join this campaign, but If you're a student, staff member, faculty member or alumni, please say so in the "Why People Are Signing" section. Thanks!

Recent signatures


    1. Reached 17,500 signatures
    2. Decision-maker Bob Kivetz responds:

    3. Reached 15,000 signatures
    4. Chick-Fil-A's Anti-Gay Donations Totaled Nearly $2 Million In 2010: Report

      Hillary Dworkoski
      Petition Organizer

      Recently it was discovered that Chick-fil-A donated another $2 million to anti-gay groups in 2010, which means that their donations to these groups totals over $5 million.

    5. Reached 12,500 signatures
    6. Students Senator Council must ban Chick-fil-A

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      "Don't be naive. The debate about Chick-fil-A is decidedly not about freedom of expression nor about what a private company can legally do nor about whether NYU is directly giving money to Chick-fil-A. It is not even about a personal boycott versus a student government ban — another smoke bomb from the March 1 email. We would never accept these as excuses for not banning a racist organization from our campus.

      The debate is about the idea that gays and lesbians are not worth protecting — that being hated for your race is totally anathema but being loathed because of the gender you love is somehow acceptable or less serious. As someone who worked at Chick-fil-A for three years during high school and who transferred in from a homophobic evangelical university, I love Chick-fil-A but refuse to be told I am not worth protecting. The SSC must ban Chick-fil-A now."

    7. NYU Local explains that the campaign to get rid of Chick-fil-A isn't over

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      If the University Senate had also upheld the proposal to ban it, NYU would have asked Aramark to cancel the license they have with the franchise, “the same way we asked Aramark to remove Coke from its selections when that was banned,” Beckman said. In 2005, the Student Senators Council voted to ban Coke products on campus in protest of the company’s labor policies in Colombia. The ban was repealed in 2009, also by an SSC vote.

      Students are staging a second anti-Chick-fil-A demonstration to take place during the next Student Senators Council meeting this Thursday, when President Sexton will be present. They plan to gather at 3:30 pm in front of the Silver School of Social Work. The majority of the demonstration will be around Kimmel, according to Coulson.

    8. New York University Won't Remove Chick-Fil-A, Despite Protest And 10K Sigs

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      Dworkoski says all this seemed to contradict NYU's ranking as one of the most LGBT friendly campuses in the nation, and she decided to take action. So far, Dworkoski's online petition has gained more than 10,000 signatures. This is the first time she's gotten involved in any kind of activism, but she says she has found a welcomed reception by students and Change.org, where she is hosting her petition.

      "For the most part, many students have gotten behind this issue really quickly," Dworkoski told The Huffington Post. "However, there are a few students who want to keep Chick-fil-A because they love their chicken and waffle fries and can't seem to give them up."

    9. NYU Student Uses Change.org to Take Down Local Chick-fil-A

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      This time around NYU freshman Hillary Dworkoski is taking a different approach than her predecessors. She is building the support of her peers through a petition on Change.org (the world’s fastest-growing platform for social change). With over 10,000 supporters already, Dworkoski feels that she can be the one to finally solidify that change.

    10. Gothamist covers the NYU Chick-fil-A protest

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      "It's disappointing," said Dworkoski of the SSC's decision, "but this isn't over. Chik-Fil-A continues to give money to groups that are known to spread lies about gay people which fundamentally violates the core values here at NYU. I don't want my school to fund hate."

      Similar protests at Northeastern University in Boston were successful in keeping Chik-Fil-A off campus. On Monday, the Student Government Association senators voted 31 to 5, stifling a proposal to bring fast food eatery to the student center.

    11. Chick-Fil-A Scrapped By Northeastern University

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      A Northeastern University spokesperson released a statement to The Boston Herald, stating that officials were pleased with the outcome. "We are proud of the decision that affirms our university's commitment to be an inclusive, diverse community that is respectful of all," spokeswoman Renata Nyul said. "The successful process is also a testament to the great working relationship between the university administration, the Student Government Association and the Graduate Student Government."

    12. NYU students to protest campus Chick-Fil-A for 'anti-gay' donations

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      A group of NYU students is planning to rally outside the campus' Chick-Fil-A restaurant Thursday in protest of the chain's donations to what they call anti-gay organizations.

    13. Reached 10,000 signatures
    14. Students protest Chick-fil-A over anti-gay claims

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      USA TODAY: "According to Dworkoski, one of the groups that Chick-fil-A has donated to, Exodus International, uses therapy to try and cure gay people from their sexual orientation. The organization is deeply religious and claims to offer “freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ,” the website of Exodus International reads. For her and 6,300 others, the financial support Chick-fil-A has provided to these organizations is unacceptable. New York’s sole Chick-fil-A is located in a NYU dining hall. Voted as the most LGBT-friendly school by the Princeton Review in 2011, NYU has a track record of being open to the LGBT community. Dworkoski pointed out the contradiction."

    15. Reached 9,000 signatures
    16. Chick-Fil-A’s ‘Anti-Gay’ Group Donations Spark New York University Protest

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      DWORKOSKI: “As Secretary Clinton recently announced, ‘Gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.’ As such, I respectfully request that NYU remove Chick-fil-A from campus.”

    17. WSN Columnist Ben Miller supports removal of Chick-fil-A from campus

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      MILLER: "I am proud that I was one of many voices that played a part in sparking a debate about whether Chick-fil-A should be a dining option on NYU’s campus. The debate centers on their donations to groups that oppose same-sex marriage and their attempts to “cure” homosexuality. Their various methods have been classified in some countries as torture and are heavily discredited by every reputable professional organization of psychiatrists and psychologists in this country as both ineffective and potentially harmful to its subjects.

      While I decried these donations last year, I fell short of calling for their removal from the campus dining options. In a misguided attempt at moderation on this crucial issue, I waffled, saying only that students needed to be more aware of their choices while eating there.

      I was wrong. An eatery that donates significant percentages of its profits to the torture of young teens has no place in our community."

    18. NYU student doing her best to have on campus Chick-Fil-A closed

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      THE FAB FEMME: Tisk tisk Chick-Fil-A. It looks like the homophobic chicken hub is in hot water again. An NYU freshman by the name of Hillary Dworkoski is taking action into her own hands and starting a petition to shut down the NYU location of the restaurant. This girl is NOT f*cking around. Other students boycotting the restaurant last year after finding out they were funding antigay hate groups. Follow the link below to sign the online petition and help make a change!

    19. An NYU student protests the fast food chain on campus

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE: We have to hand it to Hillary Dworski. The New York University freshman has waged a war of words against Chick-fil-A. She’s asking the school to sever ties with the outpost on campus over the fast food chain’s support of such radically right-wing groups as Focus on Family, Family Research Council and Exodus International, which oppose same-sex marriage and even go as far as to advocate reparative therapy (or praying the gay away). Over the years, Chick-fil-A has donated big bucks to these groups, and has gotten in hot water for hosting events that prohibit LGBT people from attending.

      Dworski, a California native who says she’s bisexual, started a petition asking the university to close its Chick-fil-A franchise. She’s already collected more than 5,000 signatures in less than a month.

    20. Let’s Oust Homophobic Chicken Franchise at NYU!

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      ihollaback.org: "By signing this change.org petition, you will help send a strong message to New York University, an institution which “prides itself on being a diverse, open and inclusive campus community,” that by keeping the chain they are doing the exact opposite of what they preach."

    21. Reached 6,000 signatures
    22. Chick-Fil-A's 'Anti-Gay' Group Donations Spark New York University Protest

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      HUFFINGTON POST: "California native and NYU freshman Hillary Dworkoski has launched a protest against the fast food chain, saying she is disturbed by the company's reported financial support of several groups with "anti-gay" motives, including Focus On The Family, Exodus International, and the Family Research Council. A petition calling for the university to close its Chick-fil-A franchise, reportedly the only one in Manhattan, has attracted over 5,000 signatures since Dworkoski launched it in January."

    23. Towleroad links to Hillary's petition in daily news roundup

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      Towleroad is one of the most heavily-trafficked gay blogs.

    24. Gay Politics Report highlights Hillary's campaign

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      Gay Politics Report is a twice-weekly briefing on the top stories impacting gay and lesbian business, government and community leaders.

    25. New York University Students Protest Chick-Fil-a

      Mark Anthony Dingbaum
      Petition Organizer

      PASSPORT MAGAZINE: "It’s about time my alma mater wised up and banned together to get rid of hate-filled Chick-fil-a! More than 4,000 people have joined a popular campaign on Change.org calling on New York University to stop serving Chick-fil-A on campus after tax forms revealed that the company donated nearly $2 million to anti-gay organizations."


    Reasons for signing

    • Lauren Avancena SILVER SPRING, MD
      • 3 days ago

      N.Y.U. loves discrimination! Stop it and stop it now!

    • emily pricone TALLAHASSEE, FL
      • 10 days ago

      I personally think Chick-fil-a as a whole company should rot in hell. so i am more than happy to support this petition!

    • Kenneth Lockett III HAMPTON, GA
      • 20 days ago

      As being gay and a future NYU student this is very important for me

    • Chris Jessen SALEM, MO
      • about 1 month ago

      Hard to believe that at an institution of higer learning, anyone would choose to support this business.

    • Bryan Manly ALGONQUIN, IL
      • 2 months ago

      I'M GAY...


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