New Albany Floyd County School Corporation: Retain our band director Mr. Lambert
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D. J. Hines
Roger Whaley
Jan Anderson
Mark Boone
Rebecca Gardenour
George Gauntt
Jessica Knable

New Albany Floyd County School Corporation: Retain our band director Mr. Lambert

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      NAHS Band Boosters Inc.

We are deeply concerned to learn that New Albany High School is in the process of dismissing band director Aaron Lambert. Mr. Lambert has been a mentor to our children, and many alumni students. In our opinion, Mr. Lambert should be honored for his years of service and ongoing commitment rather than let go.
Not only is he a solid classroom teacher, but Mr. Lambert gives generously of his time and talent outside of class. On a competition day, for instance, it is not unusual for him to arrive at the school on a Saturday before dawn and not return until past midnight. Sometimes his teams have won state titles; sometimes they haven’t. Regardless, his enthusiasm never dampens.
Mr. Lambert does this despite a dearth of resources. It is not unusual for the band to have difficulty even finding a truck to haul its equipment to a competition, which shouldn’t be surprising for a school system that has closed schools and curbed extracurricular activities.

D. J. Hines, President
Roger Whaley, Vice-President
Jan Anderson, Secretary
Mark Boone, Member
Rebecca Gardenour, Member
George Gauntt, Member
Jessica Knable, Member
Retain our band director Mr. Lambert

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    • christopher kamer LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 11 months ago

      was a great teacher that delt with me as a very bad teen and still managed to teach me alot.

    • Teresa Boswell HARTFORD, KY
      • about 1 year ago

      I don't support unfairness, seems to me the one's who matter the most (the kids) should make that call, not a bunch of purse protectors

    • Rod Miller NEW ALBANY, IN
      • about 1 year ago

      My son is very active in New Albany's music environment. He has not been a student of M. Lambert's but many of his friends have and I know through him how distraught they are at the proposed treatment of their teacher, mentor, and friend. I won't make any conjectures or comparisons here, although I see a lot of truth in those made above. I'll just add this: The school corporation has a chance to retain a beloved and dedicated teacher, or to speak through their actions and tell the students that commitment, hard work, and integrity aren't important. What's it going to be, school board?

    • Alexa Miller NEW ALBANY, IN
      • about 1 year ago

      I never had the opportunity to learn from Mr. Lambert but had several friends who took advantage of these courses in addition to participating in the Marching Band run by Mr. Lambert. In my limited interaction with him, I saw what a great educator he is. This man was born to teach music. The dynamic between him and his students, along with his enthusiasm and above all, his talent for the subject are matched by few other educators that it has been my pleasure to encounter. New Albany High School’s administration has changed since I graduated and the repercussions have been detrimental to the school, its reputation and, most importantly, the students and their respective educations. I never would have imagined that they would aggrieve such a talented and involved teacher as Mr. Lambert. Those responsible should be ashamed. I sincerely hope that Mr. Lambert is reinstated or at the very least properly compensated for the many, MANY hours he has invested in this district, this school and your children.

    • Jennifer Patton SUWANEE, GA
      • about 1 year ago

      this was my high school and people like Mr. Lambert is a necessary part of the children's growth.


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