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National Football League: Invite Sebastien De La Cruz/Marc Anthony to sing national anthem together
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Roger Goodell
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National Football League: Invite Sebastien De La Cruz/Marc Anthony to sing national anthem together

    1. Alan Aja
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      Alan Aja

      Brooklyn, NY

During two recent major sporting events, Latino singers Sebastien De La Cruz and Marc Anthony received racist reactions on the twittersphere and other social media outlets for singing the national anthem and "God Bless America" respectively (see: http://nbclatino.com/2013/07/17/baseball-fans-take-to-twitter-to-protest-marc-anthony-singing-god-bless-america/). Both were born in the United States and proud of their mixed cultural heritage, but were deemed not worthy of singing these songs due to their ethnic background. Terms like "unAmerican" "spic" and other derogatory remarks were thrown around by twitter users, reinforcing the belief that non-white groups are not "American."

In the coming weeks, an average of 16.6 million and 12.8 million viewers will be watching Sunday and Monday Night Football each week during the regular season. These are arguably among the next "major" US sporting events, so why not petition the NFL to invite both artists to sing the national anthem together at an upcoming game?! The season is only a few weeks away and this is a way to respond to bigotry with unity and support for "Americans" of all nationalities and racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Pass this along, tweet, "like" and help us get Roger Goodell's attention with 5,000 signatures.


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