AC/DC for the next Super Bowl halftime performance
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National Football League

AC/DC for the next Super Bowl halftime performance

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We have seen classic rock bands such as Paul McCartney and The Who .... We have see Pop music stars such as The Black Eyed Peas, Madonna, and Beyonce perform at Superbowl halftime shows. But none of these artists exemplify the energy and excitement of a sporting event ( especially one the magnitude of the spectacle that is the superbowl ) like the band AC/DC. Although they may fall into the general classification of classic rock, it can not be denied that this is the one band that truly does cross generational lines. Their fans range from kids in their early teens to people in their 60's. ..... and we dare anyone to try and find someone that does not know at least one song from their library. Their songs are heard every night at every type of sporting event, not only live in the arena but on broadcasts of the event as well. With all that being said, it must be added that AC/DC is still one of the top concert draws in the world. AC/DC is the epitome of the live sporting event at it is time they performed at the most important sporting stage around. Please sign this petition and let's let the NFL know that we want AC/DC to perform at the next Superbowl halftime show. For Those About To Rock ...... We Salute You !!!

National Football League
AC/DC for the next Super Bowl halftime performance

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