Name and Shame Registers are not Unlawful or Defamatory - they are a necessity to public accountability.
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Pru Goward, Minister for DoCS

Name and Shame Registers are not Unlawful or Defamatory - they are a necessity to public accountability.

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      Australian Legislative Ethics Commission

Name and Shame registers by organisations such as Alecomm and Luke's Army are designed to create more public accountability, as there is currently a major defficiency in the accountability of child protection workers.

To create (invent) new legislation to prevent naming and shaming of rogue child protection workers and other DHS agents who are committing perjury in court and providing false and misleading information to unlawfully remove a child from a family is a criminal act and should not be covered up.

Most clients who name and shame child protection workers have already been to every possible authority with their evidence of corruption for them to only be ignored and or victimised even further by the offending caseworkers.

Naming and shaming is currently a very effective means of making the offender feel some kind of remorse for his criminal actions and has been endorsed by the Australian Insitute of Criminology over ten years ago. It was originally introduced by the FBI.

To legislation against such affirmative action is also a blatant violation of our international right to freedom of speech and to protest in forms which we see fit.

Child protection reform must be about child protection only and not about protecting child protection workers from being publicly disgraced for their unlawful actions.

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      • 3 months ago

      That the truth be told, and stories not be made up about families. When a child has come under more harm under dhs child protection. Simply put they failed to protect. Also love to finger point.

    • Dominic Lombardo MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA
      • 6 months ago

      They Stole my daughter Santina Lombardo

    • Fatima Deovic RINGWOOD EAST, VI
      • 8 months ago

      it is important not only to me but to thousands others. I would like that someone from The Government finally know about Child prtocetion dirty tricks how to steal children and I do not believe that is not only duty, that something very strange: Child protection has a ful circle of people who help to in this job. I am surprised that some doctors, psychologists, even lawyer lie for them. The Government souuld have to form a Commision which should check two times a year how much is spent iand to me is very painful to know thata part of payer's tax gets Child Protection to make parents sad and have miserable lives. It is sad to know that The Government can allow that dirty work. it should be spent to help families and protect children who are physically, mentally and sexually abused but it is also tricky, because DHS social workers invent lies about sexual abuse maybe because to get money, maybe because they are just heartless smal and miserable souls.

    • trevor atkinson AUSTRALIA
      • 8 months ago

      have to change the bureaucrats and the way they do thing.

      • 12 months ago

      I thick the shaming registers are there to bring people to tell the truth but I am against it and it is unlawful should not use be against those people


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