Mr. Shinde: #Dismiss policemen who tried to bribe a 5-year-old rape victim's family & didn't file an FIR
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Mr. Shinde: #Dismiss policemen who tried to bribe a 5-year-old rape victim's family & didn't file an FIR

    1. Alok  Dixit
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      Alok Dixit

      Kanpur, India

A five-year-old girl raped allegedly by a neighbour after holding her captive for four days is battling for life after she contracted infection from foreign objects inserted into her body. A bottle and candles were found inserted into her vagina. She has sustained injuries on her cheeks, lips, neck, and chest. She has been admitted to the hospital in a critical condition.

Shockingly, Delhi Police official bribed the victim's father after refusing to lodge an FIR. The father claims, if police had made a better attempt, they would ve found her.

A lot of us protested, but one of my friends was brutally slapped by a police official in east Delhi. Last year, when we were protesting for Nirbhaya, the brutal Delhi gang-rape victim, the police misbehaved with women protestors. One of them was harassed at the Parliament street police station for an entire day. Even though we had protested for non-stop 48 hours then, the assurances turned out to be mere procrastination, and has led to such indifference and apathy among cops that one of them slapped and mis-handled the girls protesting this brutal rape in east Delhi on Friday.   

If a five year-old-girl is not safe when she goes out to play, how can any woman be safe in Delhi? Many religious leaders, politicians and opinion leaders have mentioned how clothes and character cause crimes against women. What do they have to say about a five-year-old's "participation" in this incident? Strict action needs to be taken against all the police officers involved in this case.

Join me and tell the Home Minister of India, Sushil Kumar Shinde and the Delhi Police Commissioner Niraj Kumar to immediately dismiss all the policemen who denied to file the complaint, tried to bribe the victim’s father, and watched as the ACP slapped the peaceful protestor.

We need as many signatures as we can before we deliver the petition to Home Minister Shinde.

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 10 months ago

      "Across the world women are joining hands in solidarity and support, in a global women’s movement, sharing knowledge and experience and empowering themselves to build a peaceful and fairer world."

      -- Marilee Karl

    • Surya Bommidi VIJAYAWADA, INDIA
      • 10 months ago

      shoot F**Ker in public

    • Indridi Vidar REYKJAVíK, ICELAND
      • 12 months ago

      Better police in India

    • amar shahi INDIA
      • about 1 year ago

      i can't be silent on atrocities happening around

    • vinay pandey MAHARAJGANJ, INDIA
      • about 1 year ago

      for actual justice, vinay pandey, advocate/humanright activist, india


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