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Michigan DNR, State Senate, Governor Rick Snyder: Stop the killing of Michigan wolves
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Michigan DNR
Michigan Government
Governor Rick Snyder - PHONE: (517) 373-3400

Michigan DNR, State Senate, Governor Rick Snyder: Stop the killing of Michigan wolves

    1. Kristin Kowalsky
    2. Petition by

      Kristin Kowalsky

      Auburn Hills, MI

They were here before us, and we took over THEIR land. They are finally starting to make a come back in this state and now everyone wants to kill them off. The wolves here in michigan are neccessary for our eco system. I do not want wolves to be placed on the list of animals you are able to hunt. They were almost extinct and are now thriving, the way they are supposed to be. We are not God and we do not need to act like we either in the ruthless killing of these beautiful creatures.

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    • Kathleen Gray OAKLAND, ME
      • 5 months ago

      They are beautiful creatures that serve a purpose.

    • Lyn Johnson ORLANDO, FL
      • 7 months ago

      I do not think wolves should be hunted. They are an important part of the ecosystem and they deserve to live freely.

    • Ronald Pokrak BIRCH RUN, MI
      • 7 months ago

      There are a natural resource that has no reason to be targeted by the DNR. They do an important job in the wild. It is the factory farm Lobby that wants them gone...

    • Chris Pokrak BURT, MI
      • 7 months ago

      There is absolutely no reason to hunt this animal. Wolves are passive by nature.

    • Cheryl Wolfe-Bryan GEORGETOWN, OH
      • 7 months ago

      The wolf is an apex predator needed to keep a balanced ecology in the areas where they can recover without danger of being shot or trapped!


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