Michigan Department of Treasury: Repeal drivers responsibility fees for all michigan drivers

Michigan Department of Treasury: Repeal drivers responsibility fees for all michigan drivers

    1. Les Rolfe
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      Les Rolfe

      Westland, MI

Michigan drivers have been plagued by biased and unfair "driver's responsibility fees that are creating a vicious cycle for the average Michigander. With a city in economic hard times, the cities financial problems naturally trickle down to the citizens and we have been burdened with additional fees that make it nearly impossible to maintain a valid Michigan drivers license. when a citizen gets a ticket, even if they pay off that ticket, they still have to pay a $150- $1000 fee (twice) to restore their license, on top of a $125 reinstatement fee. this is unacceptable and unfair to the working class, the people who fuel the city's economy. it is a fact that over 2.5 million Michigan citizens have have a valid driver's license suspended because of the fees. The fees generate more than $110 million annually for the city but the city is still in debt, citizens should not have to be penalized for mismanagement of funds, and have to be kept in this horrible cycle of jail, fees, and warrants that for some (owing $10,000 - $20,000) to the Michigan Department of Treasury will never escape. Also, many jobs now require valid drivers licenses for employment which further supports the fact
Michigan drivers responsibilities fees are promoting the age old tradition of making the poor poorer, and making the rich richer.
lets come together and repeal this today!

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    1. Working towards the 10,000 Supporter Milestone

      Les Rolfe
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you supporters! We are approaching the 5,000 supporter milestone. A minimum of 10,000 signatures/supporters are required to petition and we are almost half way there. Thank you! This is important to all residents of Michigan. In one way or another, it affects all residents. We are getting there! We do not want to approach the State of Michigan, though, with just the minimum required signatures. If we do, they will minimize our cause with a mindset of "Well they barely made it, so no big deal." I think we should approach them with "Magnitude!" So let us make it "10" times that number. We need them to understand that this is a real problem and we are not going to tolerate it anymore. Please rally everyone you know to sign the petition! "Rally Michigan" It would be great if we could get everyone affected by this absurd law to cast their support! Also, as we get closer to accomplishing our goal, preparation will then be made for the approach and deliverance. Thanks again!

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    • Chris Barringer SAUGATUCK, MI
      • 9 days ago

      I've lost my license due to these fees, so I will continue to do what thousands of others do- drive anyway. If I was ticketed, I would pay the court costs, and it would be cheaper than paying the driver responsibility fees.

    • Jeff Thompson BRIGHTON, MI
      • 26 days ago

      Unfair double fee

    • Patricia Dreslinski CLARKSTON, MI
      • 26 days ago

      Michigan residents already pay some on the highest vehicle insurance rates in the states... this is a ridiculus unjustified fee, when did tax payers get the chance to vote on this???

    • Corwin Roop ELKTON, FL
      • about 1 month ago

      Vicious cycle. Without a license I can't find a job. Every day I spend under the weight of thousands of dollars in responsibility fees after already serving many months in jail for inability to pay fines crushes my soul and sends me deeper into despair.

    • Brandi Earl BLANCHARD, MI
      • 2 months ago

      My license is revoked due to these ridiculous fees


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