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they need to be investigated for letting grieving parents down

    1. karen klausner
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      karen klausner

      Lowestoft, United Kingdom

this company raises funds for still born babies and childrens funerals and headstones. i have seen a page on facebook where some very unfotunate familes have been promised help by megans world but they have not recieved it.there is a  megans world complaints page on facebook and from the notes on this group many families are still waiting for there babies headstones and payment for funerals even though funds have been raised ....here is 1 example.....******** *********
On 15th January 2010 my son was born an angel. We didn't have much money at the time for him a plaque so my mam contacted Megan's World. They said they would be happy to help me and would put me on their list. We decided we would get it faster if we helped to raise the money for it by holding an event because MW state they will use any money you raise to supply you with your headstone/plaque.

On 25th Match 2010 we held a disco/raffle and raised £568.00 which we donated to Megan's World on the 1st April via their just giving page.

Aimee told me to wait and they would be in contact soon. I sent various messages to ask if i was anywhere near getting my stone and she assured me i would be getting it soon.

After 6 months i had had enough and left a message on their FB page which was replied to by David Watson telling me i wasn't and had never actually been on the list!!

I caused a fuss and got threats and abuse from David as well as their members because he 'named and shamed' me on their facebook page along with others who had complained.
I see this as stealing from me and my son because the money didn't get spent on what it was promised to be used for...

also there are complaints from former employee's off megans world heres an example......
***** **** *******
ok i breifly ran megans world aberdeenshire, had an event sprted out all i needed was a letter of aimee so i could get the premises for free, aimee never provided me with this, i then got involved in an arguement where MW were causing probs for SDOA i stuck up for MW, aimee then messaged me and said i was giveing them a bad name and causeing them problems so i was no longer wanted to run aberdeenshire page and was to shut it down.
i had also previously looked at how to get assistance for a headstone for them. i found it strange that they ask for bank statements, wage slips, and 2 forms of id etc, i called my bank and said should i provide these, i was told under no circumstnaces should ppl give this information out as it can be used to commit fraudulent activitys. this obviously made me wonder what was going on.
when we then set up baby bears angel memories, aimee messaged me from kirsites profile telling me that i was a 2 faced C**t for stealing their aims, that my dead brat was not good enough to have a charity for and only megan was good enough as she was so perect.
i had already at this point started looking into MW and saw that things didnt add up, i was named several times on MW and slandered time and again by david and aimee, i had numerous abusive messages because of this.
i have not given up tho they do not scare or intimidate me and thee more they attack and slander me and our own non profit organisation the more it shows they have something to hide.

this is not a charity in my opinion it's a disgrace...plz sign this petition for all those familes that megans world have hurt and help me get justice for all those lil angels still waiting to be laid to rest properly.

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    2. lets all sign in the name of all those baby angelss

      karen klausner
      Petition Organizer

      this is the link to megans world complaints page on facebook plz read the notes and see how all those poor grieving families have been treated


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      • 9 months ago

      There's a rite and a wrong. Useing a childs death in order to create a fake charity so as to scam people is WRONG. Repulsive Sick individuals. Can you get any lower than that, shame on them!

      • about 1 year ago

      I applied to MW last year for help with my sons headstone and received a letter to say i was accepted for help and i sent off all the details they ask for bank statements ect and have only received some info back i have not received my bank staments back or my council tax letters back. i have tried to contact them regards my funds and all the telephone numbers have been disconnected and no replay from emails or messages on MW facebook page and after reading everything on hear from grieving parents like my self i think its totally disgraceful how they can do this to people if they cant cope or afford to help everyone they should say so rather than promising everyone !!!!

      • about 1 year ago

      Haven't these poor bereaved parents been through enough! If you raise money for a cause then monies raised should be used as promised.

    • Jonathan Hume OULTON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 2 years ago

      I think this charity should be investigated as chances are they are pocketing they money themselves as they don't seem to be helping the families that need the money.

      • about 2 years ago

      friend and know they are not to be trusted


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