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Stop the use of plastic containers in the food service industry

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      Steph Ziemann

      New York, NY

It is widely known at this point that plastic is environmentally unfriendly. Disposable plastic food containers in particular are often non-recyclable or difficult to recycle. There is also strong evidence that plastic poses a hazard to human health, and may contribute to cancer, leaching chemicals into our food and water, especially when heated.
With numerous compostable, recyclable, and non-toxic plant-based options available in delivery and to-go food containers, there is no reason to continue using plastic in our restaurants. New York City should set an example for the rest of the United States and beyond, and ban this antiquated, unsafe material from our food system, thereby funding the manufacturers of healthier, more responsible products, relieving the environment of the burden of plastic waste, and ensuring better health for our citizens.

Further info on plastics and health from Rawforvitality and liveinthenow.com:

Plastics contain a slew of hormone-mimicking, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, like bisphenol-A (BPA), which is linked to cancer, premature puberty, heart disease and more. Even under normal conditions, such as drinking out of a plastic bottle, they can leach into your food and beverages. But heating them accelerates the process, releasing a larger amount of the
dangerous chemicals into whatever you’re warming up.

Remember just because it is BPA-free doesn’t mean it isn’t loaded with other gender bending BPA-like chemicals. GreenMedInfo wrote a nice recent review on this recently, revealing that many manufacturers the globe over have been switching to the equally toxic bisphenol known as Bisphenol S (BPS) in order to evade impending regulatory oversight, as well as to ride the “BPA-free” marketing gravy train by misleading the consumer into thinking their products are bisphenol free, which they are not.

Even BPA-free plastics leach endocrine-disrupting chemicals, so don’t let this label give you a false sense of security. Anytime you’re microwaving anything, use a glass or ceramic container (and don’t cover it in plastic wrap, either). Better yet, ditch your plastics entirely and use an oven or toaster oven when you need to reheat your food.

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    • liz guber BROOKLYN, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      The production and usage of plastic has caused a heartbreaking destruction to every ecosystem on our planet. Go to http://www.chrisjordan.com/gallery/rtn2/#gyre for another way to look at the statistics of how plastic is ruining our earth.

      • almost 2 years ago

      Plaztik is a tool of the oil industry. Paper, cardboard, NOT aluminum either.

    • Mike Lemense NORMAL, IL
      • almost 2 years ago

      Environmental conservation is going to be the essential element to moving forward and overcoming the current looming threats to the sustainability and balance, interconnection within human society.

    • tom kandel NY, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      PCBs' harmful effects, especially when incinerated, but also when leached into the water table...the ubiquity of plastics. . . the unthinking overuse of them. - our children and their children..

    • Steph Ziemann NEW YORK, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      The time is now! Let's make a simple, impactful change for ourselves and for the environment.


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