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Petition Update
Apr 18, 2014

VICTORY! Judge determines Ewing to spend 5 years in jail

August 23, 2013: We will be closing this petition, after receiving this wonderful news from DFW Rescue Me: "DFW Rescue Me was called back to the courthouse this morning by the judge. Not a clue on the reason. Judge Mitchell has determined that Darius Ewing is guilty of causing the death of Justice by fire. Whether it was all the public outrage? Or the massive amount of emails, letters, and comments? Or his "supporters" asking what the hell he was thinking? Darius Ewing will be spending his next five years in the penitentiary for killing the 4 month old puppy, Justice. His sentence begins today. He will get credit for time served. Finally. Finally. Justice for Justice. As always, with much appreciation for the help and support you give. www.dfwrescueme.org"

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