Macerich: Don't demolish the Camelview Theater
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Macerich: Don't demolish the Camelview Theater

    1. Peter Northfelt
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      Peter Northfelt

      Tempe, AZ, United States

This theater is an architectural, cultural, and social monument to great movies in the Phoenix area.  I started this petition because I love seeing movies, and I love the movies they show at Camelview Theater.  By signing this petition, you support the continued existence of Camelview as an institution serving the Phoenix area. 

Steve Helm, Assistant Vice President, Property Management at Macerich
Don't demolish the Camelview Theater! It's a cultural and architectural icon and the Phoenix area would lose a great piece of its past if it was demolished.

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    2. Historic Preservation Meeting in Scottsdale

      Peter Northfelt
      Petition Organizer

      Here is information on our Historic Preservation Commission and includes a link to submit a public comment:

      Their next meeting is October 10th. Although the location is to be determined and sometimes varies, they typically meet at 7506 E. Indian School in the Community Design Studio at 5:30 p.m. This is the public body that studies these issues and makes recommendations to Council on the preservation of Scottsdale Buildings.

      Historic Preservation Commission

      The Historic Preservation Commission was established by the City Council to oversee the development and management of Scottsdale's Historic Preservation Program. This program is focused on increasing public awareness of Scottsdale's heritage; identifying historic and cultural resources; designating and recognizing significant local resources; and assisting in protecting, preserving and enhancing the best examples of Scottsdale's past.

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    • Vivian Warner PHOENIX, AZ
      • 6 days ago

      The Camelview is the ONLY theatre where I can guarantee finding a wonderful British/European film to see - where art, architecture and grand acting are available for the price of a movie ticket. This would be a terrible loss for a multitude of people. It's the last bastion of movie culture in our desert paradise. Please don't let it go.

    • Laurie Rummel SCOTTSDALE, AZ
      • 19 days ago

      There's nothing like it! It's what movie theaters used to be and I miss that. The indie selection is part of it but it's a landmark.

    • Tricia Tuttle Doss SCOTTSDALE, AZ
      • about 1 month ago

      It's an important, historic part of Scottsdale!!!

    • Andrea King GILBERT, AZ
      • about 1 month ago

      Because it's important to have a place that shows movies that aren't really available at the multiplex. Independent films are worth while and this theatre is a lovely place to showcase them.

    • Adam Fine MESA, AZ
      • about 1 month ago

      I've been watching indie and art house films here since I was in high school. Scottsdale and other cities in the area really need to do a better job of preserving historic buildings and venues. When tourists or new people come to down, do they say, "Hey, take me to the shiniest new mall with the biggest parking lot!"? No. Please don't be short-sighted about this.


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