Replace individual plastic cups with biodegradable ones
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Replace individual plastic cups with biodegradable ones

    1. Kerry Constabile
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      Kerry Constabile

      Brooklyn, NY

On average, Americans dispose of 7.1 pounds of waste a day. This was before Keurig.

Keurig is a new, popular coffee machine that makes coffee making easy, tasty -- and environmentally damaging. Each person who makes a cup of coffee uses a single, disposable plastic cup -- this means potentially 5 plastic cups in one family coffee break, 10 for two breaks...hundreds for offices per day... you get the picture.

As Keurig increases its market share, more plastic is being produced and being disposed of daily. Biodegradable alternatives DO exist and could be a cost-effective, environmentally responsible solution if Keurig replaces the current plastic cups. We call on Keurig to take responsibility for the waste they produce and replace these cups.

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