Keep the Moratorium on Fracking in New York State
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Keep the Moratorium on Fracking in New York State

    1. Adriana Velez
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      Adriana Velez

      Brooklyn, NY

Outgoing New York State Governor David Paterson signed an Executive Order requiring a new Environmental Impact Study and public review period on hydrofracking before oil companies can drop a drill into New York ground. The order, which establishes a temporary moratorium, doesn't address vertical drilling (which has not yet begun in NYS), but it does cover the more dangerous horizontal drilling method.

Hydrofracking can negatively impact both the water and food supply. The dangerous drilling method can sometimes cause carcinogens like benzene to leak into the water supply.

Cuomo has stated some concerns over hydrofracking while also leaving the door cracked open to accommodate drilling that makes minimal environmental impact. Please welcome him to his new position and encourage him to keep in place the process outlined in Paterson's Executive Order.

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