Keep Children Safe on School Buses!
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Keep Children Safe on School Buses!

    1. Petition by

      Glen McParland

      sarasota, FL

There is no excuse for a School Bus to run a Stop sign. They should obey traffic laws or be held accountable. We have 4 months worth of video of School Buses running our Stop Signs ( Our local officials are pointing their fingers at others and not taking any initiative. Something needs to change before children are hurt.

By signing this petition, you are helping send a message to our officials. We are telling them that complacency and pointing fingers in other directions does nothing when there is a problem. We are demanding that our Bus Company be fired if they continue to break traffic laws. We are also asking for several other changes in our small community and on our roadways.

You do not need to live in our community to show your concern. We need everyone's support.

(How it Started - What we are asking for)

 In Sarasota, Florida, since early January 2011, residents have been video taping School busses recklessly running 'Stop' signs with middle-school children on board. More than four months of emails and video on YouTube and have done nothing to stop the dangerous behavior even when we pleaded with the Sheriff and County Comissioners to do something - anything.

Several emails to our Commissioner Nora Patterson have done nothing. A deputy "watching" the intersection at the time we told them the buses ran the intersection, missed a bus with several small children on board running the 'stop sign. We immediately showed him security camera video of what he "missed."

There are more teenagers that die in Florida from traffic related accidents than anywhere else in the country. We need the School buses and County officials to lead by example rather than teaching our children the reckless behavior we see them doing every day on our roads.

We are sending the following demands to our County Commissioner, County School Board, Senators, Sheriff, Congressman, and President Obama. One deals with firing the Sarasota County School Bus company if another bus runs a Stop sign or breaks a traffic law. It is a start that we hope will progress into other communities. It will make each driver accountable for eachothers reckless behavior.

The other two are to help us with fixing our road and community in an effort make it safer for all.

We have several hundred hand written signatures, but we need your help.


 We, the undersigned, call on Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, Representative Vern Buchanan, and Commissioner Nora Patterson to call both the Bus company and Sarasota County School Board to formerly request School busses to Stop at Stop signs in Sarasota County.

Several complaints have been made by residents along South Lockwood Ridge Road and Ashton Road to both the School Board as well as the County Contracted Bus Company with regard to School Busses running through the Stop signs at the intersection of South Lockwood Ridge Road and Ashton Road with no results. As seen on for three months, School Busses continue to run the Stop signs at the intersection.



We are formally requesting the County to rescind their contract with the bus company if another School Bus runs a Stop sign in Sarastoa County.

***************************Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, Representative Vern Buchanan, and Commissioner Nora Patterson ****************************************


 We, the undersigned, call on Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, Representative Vern Buchanan, and Commissioner Nora Patterson to cease the planning and development, under the Capital Improvement project or any other county development plans, of the corner lot in the center of our neighborhood (parcel num 0088-02-00031 - Corner of Ashton Road and South Lockwood Ridge Road).


There is no need to place a county utility, or one for metering sewage from miles away in the middle of our neighborhood when there is plenty of county owned land a short distance down both South Lockwood Ridge Road and Ashton Road that would be out of site. Aside, Sarasota County has failed to maintain the property resulting in a build up of trash and debris over the course of a year which resulted in Code enforcement Case # 11111079.


 ***************************Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, Representative Vern Buchanan, and Commissioner Nora Patterson ****************************************


We, the undersigned, call on Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, Representative Vern Buchanan, and Commissioner Nora Patterson to change the designation of South Lockwood Ridge Road in the Comprehensive Plan (North of Clark Road (Hwy 72) and South of where it dead-ends at Red Bug Slough Park) from a "Major Collector" road to a "neighborhood" road. South Lockwood Ridge Road has no outlet aside from two neighborhood roads, Gypse and Ashton. The current designation sends thousands of cars and tractor trailers into the dead-end road with only two small neighborhood roads as outlets


Recent signatures


    1. School Buses continue to run Stop signs despite a year of pleas.

      Glen McParland
      Petition Organizer

      We still need your help. Our children need your help. Our County will not help, even with video taken almost every day of buses running stop signs.

      Here is another video of another school bus running our Stop signs.

      These are our children being recklessly thrown around and risked. Those with power to do something simply give us excuses. Our neighborhood is not worth the attention our officials give their friends in their wealthy neighborhoods. It should be soooo simple to correct, yet we have been ignored as a community for many years because we are worthless.

      Please show us some support in firing our County Commissioner who is responsible for trashing our neighborhood.. She is the same commissioner who will not do anything for these children: go to -­n-usa-shame-on-you

    2. Glen McParland
      Petition Organizer

      Guam has the right idea!

      Our official response in Florida? "Our drivers are instructed to only use that road if it is necessary to pick up a student." - that is NOT telling them to obey the laws. It is telling them to not get caught on video. Our officials need to take more initiative and stop pointing their fingers at others.

    3. Glen McParland
      Petition Organizer

      We reached 100 Signatures in 6 Countries! b-(^-^)-d
      (United States, Republic of Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria)

    4. Reached 100 signatures
    5. Glen McParland
      Petition Organizer

      This Sarasota County (SCAT) bus - came through our neighborhood again and gave me and my 19 month old son the middle finger as it passed. This is what we are dealing with trying to keep children safe

    6. Glen McParland
      Petition Organizer

      Sarasota County has embarked on a campaign to intimidate and harass those involved with this petition. The following video shows Sarasota County shoving a crumbled up code enforcement letter dated (April 5th) on our fence yesterday (April 28th) . The County officer did not realize we have multiple cameras and he can be seen trying to avoid the one that is capturing the school buses running the stop signs on .

      The letter was dated 3 weeks ago with 10 days to respond from that time. Being out of the time-frame to respond, we can now be fined $170. The "demand" was marked that it was delivered "Certified" and "First Class" mail though the video from yesterday shows otherwise.

      We are calling on supporters to contact the media and pass this on to friends with facebook and twitter. This is not how a County should respond to citizens trying to protect Children

    7. Glen McParland
      Petition Organizer

      Mrs Mason and Mrs Robinson are sending automated emails pointing their fingers at different people like a politician typically does. I am guessing that Children are not a concern of theirs and their phones do not work well enough to call the School board or Bus company. There are also several petitions telling them NOT to place Radar/LED signs and "rumble" strips on the roads - but they are ignoring them too. We are also not hearing from any of them on the Parcel in the center of the neighborhood, but they must be "overlooking" it with the rest of your concerns. There is no wonder why we lost 5 teenagers to traffic accidents in Sarasota County in the past few weeks. With responses like those you will receive, expect many many more.

    8. Glen McParland
      Petition Organizer

      Another wonderful Blog write up and supporter! We do need to make School Buses obey traffic laws all over! Thank you Obviously Marvelous!

    9. Glen McParland
      Petition Organizer

      ****(Reply to the spam response by Commissioner Carolyn Mason you may get)****

      Mrs Mason,

      If what you are telling this international community is that it is somebody else's responsibility.... You need to step down and resign your post with Mrs Patterson.

      You have some nerve insulting this growing community with pointing your finger elsewhere when (as an elected official) your telephone works both ways and you have the school board's, Sheriff's and School Bus Company's telephone number.

      There are also hundreds of signatures on petitions telling Mrs. Patterson and the Commission NOT to place LED stripes, "rumble" strips or "radar" signs on these roads. Either you are ignoring the real problem in this community or the hundreds of constituents wanting help.

      ***************************Commissioner Mason's reply*********************************

      Subject: Make School Buses Stop reply

      Thank you for taking the time to write regarding your request to “Make School Buses Stop Change at Lockwood Ridge and Ashton Road.”

      I was recently copied with Commissioner Robinson’s most informative response to the same question, so please allow me to share the content of her email with you as I believe it covers all points:

      “…. allow me the opportunity explain the County's efforts to address your traffic concerns and dispel any misinformation.First, I want to explain that the School Board and Sheriff are separately elected officers of the county. The School Board is in control of school buses and your concerns with their drivers should be addressed to them directly. The Sheriff is in charge of enforcement and separately in charge of that from the Board of County Commissioners. The Sheriff only derives funding from the county, we have no authority over him as he is a separately elected constitutional officer. However, it is to my understanding that he has sent patrols specifically to your neighborhood for enforcement of speed and stop signs. Any enforcement concerns should be addressed to him directly.

      As far as the County is concerned, Commissioner Nora Patterson has been very active in trying to assist the community. She has proposed the purchase of movable speed monitoring/warning signs which will flash to show a person how fast they are going when they speed. She proposed this purchase with the first destination being for your neighborhood. Additionally, she has already proposed the re-designation and traffic classification lowering of Lockwood Ridge Road in the County Comprehensive Plan to be included in this year's planning cycle. This and the purchase of the movable speed monitoring/warning signs was supported by a unanimous vote of the Board of County Commissioners. This Comprehensive Plan process is lengthy and is currently regulated by the state, but her actions made this possibility happen for this year's cycle rather than next year's planning cycle. If the re-designation is successful, it is to my understanding that this will make traffic calming possible in your neighborhood, but this is only if your neighborhood chooses to become a Public Improvement District.

      In addition to that, the last Traffic Advisory Committee meeting did recommend a speed reduction from 30 MPH to 25 MPH for Lockwood Ridge Road and Ashton Road. This reduction was amended by staff to include all public roads accessible via Lockwood Ridge Road and Ashton Road which are located South of Proctor, North of Clark, East of Swift, and West of Red Bug Slough. These items will be coming to the Board of County Commissioners for approval shortly.

      Besides the blinking speed signs, comprehensive Plan changes, and speed reduction, staff is also considering improved pavement markings, rumble strips, and improved sight distances to stop signs. I know that there were proposals to limit traffic to neighborhood traffic, but this cannot be done on public roads by Florida Statutes which are controlled by the State Legislature, this can only be done on private roads.

      Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to elaborate on the County's efforts to assist your neighborhood. We look forward to continuing to work with your neighborhood on your concerns.”


      Carolyn J. Mason


    10. Glen McParland
      Petition Organizer

      We received our first International signature! Thanks Judith!

    11. Glen McParland
      Petition Organizer

      Facebook "Group" opened! Please join us!

      We want to hear from you!

    12. Glen McParland
      Petition Organizer

      Sheriff's Department Deputy was at the intersection when another School Bus full of children ran the Stop signs, and he did nothing. We immediatley took the deputy inside to see the cctv video of the bus running the Stop sign, and he didn't understand how he "missed it."

    13. Reached 50 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Michael Finfgeld SARASOTA, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      Because I have experienced riding along and going over a speed bump and flying up into the air and almost hitting my head on the ceiling. Also speeding in a neighborhood at 45 miles an hour and not stopping at a stop sign. Idon't want anybody getting hurt.

    • Corin Finfgeld SARASOTA, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      If there are no consequences for wrong actions, then recklessness will continue and lives are at risk of unneccessary injury and possibly the loss of the life. Adults must set the example we wish our children to exhibit.

    • zachary wetzel VAN BUREN, MO
      • about 2 years ago

      i was on a school bus that ran a stop sign and i posted it on face book and i got suspended and nothing happened to the school bus driver

    • Jourden Cleghorn NEW PORT RICHEY, FL
      • almost 3 years ago

      And they spelled New Port Richey wrong. What the...?

    • Jourden Cleghorn NEW PORT RICHEY, FL
      • almost 3 years ago

      After I signed this I received an email saying "Our buses do not go to New Port Richey!" Even though I do not live in Sarasota I still felt this was an important issue. I guess it's not my business?


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