Justice For All, Fairness of Courts.
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Justice For All, Fairness of Courts.

    1. Mike Smith
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      Mike Smith

      Teignmouth, United Kingdom

Systems that operate in a constant state of crisis not only violate the Constitution, but are bad public policy and inconsistent with principles of good government.  Paying for quality counsel saves taxpayer money by ensuring that courts run more efficiently, that jails only pay to incarcerate those who truly need to be incarcerated, and that trials and sentencings are fair and without error, thus preventing the expense of appeals and retrials.

Let President Obama and your congressional representatives know that you care about the fairness of our criminal courts. Ask them to support proper funding and support for state and local public defense so that America can keep our promise of “justice for all.”

Read more at the Criminal Justice blog and at http://www.nlada.org/.

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