Jetstar/Qantas: Show compassion and reimburse $1277 and change policies accordingly
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Alan Joyce
David Hall
Newstar Holdings
Jayne Hrdlicka
Jetstar Customer Service
Customer Service
Minister for Fair Trading
The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP
In his capacity as Minister for Tourism
Souris, George
Jetstar Senior Customer Advocate
Minister for Tourism Major Events Hospitality and Racing
The Hon. George Souris MP (Minister for Tourism Major Events Hospitality and Racing)

Jetstar/Qantas: Show compassion and reimburse $1277 and change policies accordingly

    1. Indiana Kelly Edwards
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      Indiana Kelly Edwards

      Sydney, Australia

Jetstar needs to show some compassion and stop profiting from the grief of others.

I recently got an international call from my brother in Wollongong NSW. I was in Chon Buri Thailand assisting a friend who just had some surgeries.

My mother was in hospital dying, she had suspected pneumonia, renal failure and a host of other complications and wasnt expected to live. She had stopped eating and was told their was a strong possiblity she would pass away. We had to ask Jetstar for an emergency compassionate flight home so I could be by her side.

Jetstar charged my brother $1277 for a "compassionate" flight home to Sydney so I could be with my dying mother and family.

Due to this emergency and how upset we all were we had no energy to dispute this at the time I just had to get back ASAP however now the dust has settled I feel we need to address this issue and seek compensation. To add insult to injury one of my brothers was also in another country and had to seek a compassionate flight home on a different airline and was given one within the hour and the cost of changing his flight was $20 and he flew home the next day.

I am so upset and would like to pursue this in every way possible hence this petition.

I have tried to call and speak with someone about this issue but no matter which Jetstar number I call I inevitably end up speaking to someone in The Philippines who only has a first name and zero accountability.

Jetstar is fully owned by Qantas but by moving their management offshore and placing it in the hands of Newstar Holdings majority owned by a Singapore company named Westbrook Investments have effectively relinquished responsibility for issues that may arise. I have had no appropriate response to my complaint and I find this appalling. Surely there is some accountability here within Australia who move their activities overseas but remain an Australian company.

We all know that the seat I wont occupy on my original flight home will be resold hence they are assured of not losing a cent from the event of my mothers terminal illness. Well done Jetstar!

Alan Joyce, Qantas
David Hall, Jetstar
Jayne Hrdlicka, Newstar Holdings
Customer Service, Jetstar Customer Service
The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, Minister for Fair Trading
Souris, George, In his capacity as Minister for Tourism
Nick, Jetstar Senior Customer Advocate
The Hon. George Souris MP (Minister for Tourism Major Events Hospitality and Racing), Minister for Tourism Major Events Hospitality and Racing
Show compassion and reimburse $1277 and change policies accordingly

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    • John Cox AUSTRALIA
      • 5 months ago

      Qantas/Jetstar has become under the leadership of Alan Joyce becomes less Australian every time he opens his mouth to announce something. I think it is way time as CEO he was moved on, and the management style was changed

    • Jennifer Graf COOKTOWN, AUSTRALIA
      • 12 months ago

      They robbed me too. I cancelled and they sold the seat I already paid for to someone else. I got no money back.

      • 12 months ago

      I am sure jetstar makes more money from its penalties than from selling disocunted fares. Vote with your feet.

    • Sharon Mearing AUSTRALIA
      • 12 months ago

      I would like to think that an Australian Co would have systems in place to be able to deal with such complaints. Saving money by out sourcing to other countries will backfire if the quality of service and understanding of their customer's needs can not be maintained.

    • Peter Flynn AUSTRALIA
      • 12 months ago

      Businesses that gouge customers risk losing the trust of the customer. This seems like a vicious gouge to me. And they may lose more than money - my trust.


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