Step down for gross overuse of government resources and animal cruelty
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Jennifer C. Niemeyer

Step down for gross overuse of government resources and animal cruelty

    1. Robert Evans
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      Robert Evans

      Temple, TX

Jennifer Niemeyer signed a warrant requiring 9 SWAT Agents and 4 Deputy officers to raid an animal shelter to kill 1 baby deer. The premise of this was that no entity can house a wild animal without a state permit. However this was a far overreach of power, and a vast waste of tax payer resources. Please sign this petition to have her step down, and let a more competent individual take her place managing so many government resources. The shelter was simply caring for the animal while it was en route to a Wildlife rescue center. The Department of Natural Resources also commissioned a aerial surveillance just for one baby deer.

If government overreach , gross waste of tax payer money, and animal cruelty have any meaning to you as a person, I humbly request you sign this petition.

Demand that Jennifer Niemeyer be removed from the DNR, and demand reason in government entities that impact our everyday lives.

Jennifer C. Niemeyer, Conservation Warden Supervisor
Step down for gross overuse of government resources and animal cruelty
regarding your handling of giggles, the deer. Dispatching 13 government workers to capture and kill a single baby deer as well as authorizing the use of aerial surveillance is a gross waste of tax payer money, as well as cruelty towards a healthy non threatening animal.

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    • Ronald Bechtel MEDFORD, OR
      • 9 months ago

      Murder of animal is not a government responsibility

    • Gavin Smith DENVER, CO
      • 10 months ago

      We've got to get these ignorant totalitarian death cult civil servants out of power.

    • Peter Holzberger MILWAUKEE, WI
      • 11 months ago

      This action by the DNR is so asinine, so typical of most government agencies that get so caught-up in themselves that they forget the purpose of their existence. It reminds me of another government entity that said, "There is going to be peace here even if we have to kill everybody to achieve it." Likewise, "Were going to kill the fawn to protect it!"

      Also, it is becoming a stale and suspicious statement that "We have received death threats".

      And, DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp issued a written statement saying, "Wardens did request voluntary compliance from the facility. When that didn't happen, our staff took precautions to keep everyone safe as they executed the required search warrant." Excuse me, it was the fawn that was executed! How does Cathy Stepp rationalize her having the fawn killed to keep everyone safe? Was the fawn rabid? Was the fawn contagious to people?

      We, the public, would like specific answers to these specific questions and points raised, if that would not inconvenience Ms. Stepp too much!

    • Elaine Jackson CUDAHY, WI
      • 11 months ago

      object to animal cruelty.

    • Robin Ranchau MILWAUKEE, WI
      • 11 months ago

      The DNR here has always been,in my opinion,nothing but cold-blooded and self-serving. They are accountable to no one and I believe they should be made into an elected board so we can have some say about our own resources.


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