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Vice President of American Girl
Jean McKenzie

Create a new historical doll of color

    1. Anya Josephs
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      Anya Josephs

      Chapel Hill, NC

American Girl Dolls are incredibly meaningful to me and that’s why I want to help American Girl live up to their past of inspiring all kinds of girls. My name is Avery Tyson and I’m working with Anya Josephs, a member of the SPARK team, to ask for more diversity from American Girl Dolls. This is important to me because I, and a lot of my friends, really love American Girl and all of their dolls. Not only are the dolls amazing, high quality, cute, and huggable, they also have great stories that represent the strength of girls throughout history. I have seven of the wonderful and diverse dolls—I especially love the stories of Cecile and Kaya. The dolls and their stories have also been a great way to connect with other girls and helped me make one of my best friendships. I've inherited some of my dolls, like Kaya, from my older sisters, enjoyed the community of other American Girl fans, and learned about history from the dolls' stories.


But recently I feel like the dolls have had a lack of diversity. Most of the recently introduced dolls have been white and Christian, and there’s been no representation for girls with disabilities or in different financial situations. I thought I might be the only one with these concerns, until I saw this petition posted by Melissa Shang, a ten-year-old girl who wants the next Doll of the Year (a doll from modern times available for only one year) to represent her and other girls like her by having a physical disability.

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> This has inspired me to also speak up about my concerns. Historically, American Girl has represented girls by having dolls with a variety of backgrounds—coming from different countries, time periods, religions, and cultures. This is really important because the stories of these dolls helped me and other American Girl fans learn about the history of girls in our country as well as finding dolls that represent all girls in a market where most dolls made by other companies represent only one kind of girl—usually white, super-thin, and wealthy.  This is a great legacy for American Girl that I feel like they haven’t been living up to lately.


As the original historical dolls are being retired, most of the new ones are wealthy and white, and don’t face the same interesting and inspiring struggles of the older stories. As more dolls are added in the Girl of the Year line, and as new historical dolls are added, representation has been getting worse and worse. When the next doll is retired next year, I’m asking American Girl to live up to their values by choosing a more diverse doll. 

I want the next American Girl historical doll to be a girl of color. American Girl has been a wonderful influence in my life, and I want all girls to feel included and represented by their dolls. Diverse American Girl stories can be a platform for girls to learn about history and other cultures, religions, and traditions, and diverse American Girl dolls can be a way for girls to see that girls that look like them are beautiful—and so are the girls that don’t.  Please sign my petition to encourage American Girl to choose a more diverse historical doll this time.

Jean McKenzie, Vice President of American Girl
American Girl has traditionally been a company that tells the stories of brave, unique, and inspiring girls from all kinds of backgrounds. Please live up to this legacy by making sure the next Historical Doll is a girl of color, to continue offering dolls that represent all girls and that can teach girls about all kinds of different cultures.

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    • Mary Morken NEW WINDSOR, NY
      • about 1 month ago

      There still isn't an Asian American Girl, no disabled American Girls, nor a Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist American Girl. (There's one Jewish one though) As an autistic christopagan this is important to me as someone who plans to introduce the American Girl dolls to my future children.

    • Karnelle Brown FAIRBANKS, AK
      • 3 months ago

      It is important to me because the media is very influential in the lives of our children. They want to be able to look at TV or an ad or in a store and see a doll or person that looks just like them and not what society thinks they should look like.

    • Meghan Glass EAGAN, MN
      • 3 months ago

      American Girls were one of the best companies before they were purchased by Mattel. Before the purchase, the company was all about empowering young girls by teaching them not only about history, but also about strong young girls within history. These characters provided an opportunity for young girls to be educated and empowered on many different levels. Since the Mattel takeover, slowly but surely the company has been more concerned with mainstream consumerism and completely lost sight of the purpose of the original company and its appeal. I understand that as times change, so do the interests of a company, however these changes have also been at a loss for even contemporary social education--like these petitions addressing girls of color, with physical disabilities, non-Christian religions, and perhaps even other marginalized representations.

    • Chelsea Hampton CHEVERLY, MD
      • 3 months ago

      Addie was the first exposure I had growing up to non-White focused history. It is important for ALL American girls to be represented and lauded for their contribution to our history and progress as a nation.

    • Lisa Josephs CHAPEL HILL, NC
      • 3 months ago

      American Girl Dolls should represent evry American Girl.


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