Allow for the promotion of Lt. Lance Leone to Lieutenant Commander.
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Janet Napolitano

Allow for the promotion of Lt. Lance Leone to Lieutenant Commander.

    1. Jess Maier
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      Jess Maier

      San Antonio, United States

Lance Leone was the sole survivor of a helicopter crashed which killed his captain and two crew members. Lt. Leone suffered his own injuries following the crash, grieved the loss of his friends, and stood by their families. At one point, he was singled out as someone to be held accountable during an era of increased helicopter crashes.

However, Lt. Leone beat back the Coast Guard's charges of negligent homicide (eventually dismissed), and was recommended for promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

When he thought he was finally at a point to move forward from this very tragic event, Coast Guard Commandant, Admiral Papp, removed Lt. Leone from the promotion list.

This will be career-ending. His fate is with Janet Napolitano, who has never met Lt. Leone, his wife, or his three children under the age of 6. She doesn't know Lt. Leone's enduring passion and commitment to the service. Lt. Leone is dedicated to his career in the Coast Guard, and has been since he arrived at the Coast Guard Academy, nearly 15 years ago.

Please sign this petition to help Lt. Lance Leone remain in the Coast Guard, find peace, and move forward.

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    • David Pace SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • 5 months ago

      I personally feel like the US Government is looking for a scapegoat. Lt. Lance Leone has been cleared of all charges. He had also been supported by the family of the Captain of the flight. I think our country owes this dedicated young man the right to be promoted and continue his service to our country in the United States Coast Guard.

    • Caroline Pompano EAST HAVEN, CT
      • 9 months ago

      This brave young man's only crime was being the sole survivor of a tragic helicopter crash. The USCG's attempt to prosecute him for homicide was a travesty. Would it have been better if he had died? He has served his country admirably, and he deserves his well-earned promotion. Even the families of the casualties support him. It's time for the USCG and this country's government to do what is right.

    • Matthew Fithian SWARTZ CREEK, MI
      • 11 months ago

      Not his fault

    • Steve Grey LARGO, FL
      • about 1 year ago

      As aviators, we all put our life in harms way with the expectation that if the unthinkable happens, the "powers that be" will have our backs. Without this, CG aviation will lose much talent and lose effectiveness.

    • sean cleary TEMECULA, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      Fellow airdale


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