Irans feral cat & dog problems need urgent response
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Irans feral cat & dog problems need urgent response

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 This petition was written by Jaleh-F animal protector on Care2.          There are a lot of feral cats and dogs living in Iran.  As everybody knows the Persian Cats are the most famous in the world but unfortunately the cats in this country are being treated very  badly by Persian People.  I guess the Iranian Nation are the most cruel people with the animals in all Middle East.


There are more than 500,000 cats living in the streets who are mostly very hungry and their life spam is max. 4  years.   Only 5% of Iranians are caring for these animals and try to help them, who are always facing with other peoples who are against any help to the animals.  The people are taking away the kittens from the mother cat and put them in  city garbage tanks or taking them away very far and abandoning  them to live in the deserted areas  of the cities to die slowly and painfully from starvation. 


The members of SPCA Iran are taking the feral cats and dogs and deliver them to various Laboratories for vivisection. Some have their heads split open, for brain research. 


The feral dogs are being killed  by municipality on routine basis.   According to our religion we should be kind to the animals but unfortunately Iranian People are very cruel in this way.


Please sign this petition and ask Iranian Government to stop animal cruelty in Iran and put some law against such cruelties and instead of killing the dogs try to arrange some other programs like being done in other middle east countries.  less


President of the United States
The abuse that is happening in Iran is tragic, feral cats & dogs are being used for research while alive. This must stop, killing them would even be more humane than letting them suffer till death. Won't you please help end these atrocities by signing and spreading the word?

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