Indochinese governments: Stop the illegal ivory trade!
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Indochinese governments (Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia)

Indochinese governments: Stop the illegal ivory trade!

    1. Liam Rathke
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      Liam Rathke

      KL, Malaysia

I'm only eleven. But I know that I can make a difference in elephant trade to stop the cruel and inhumane act. It all started on a recent trip to Cambodia when I discovered two elephant tusks in a night market in Siem Reap (The large city next to Angkor Wat). They were sold openly in a stand, and there were lots of tourists and even two police officers in front of the night market entrance. And nobody said anything. I did my research and figured out that the tusks were smaller, probably from an Asian elephant, and there are only about 45,000 of them left.

Every day 50 elephants die. This means that at this rate, in three years all Asian elephants will be wiped out. The Cambodian Government does not have a website; it dosen't appear on Google and if you don't react soon, they will die. To wrap it up, elephants are being killed and the Cambodian Government is not caring. So sign this to turn the tables on poaching.

I need 30 000 signatures-and you can help me reach this goal by telling at least one friend or family member. If you visit Cambodia and see any ivory for sale please photograph it and email me the photos. That way I can post them on this petition as proof.

This is also a problem in neighboring Vietnam and Laos. In a Lao night market, I found 5 stands selling raw ivory. Tourists were buying it as an "antique", which really disturbed me. 

To make matters worse, ivory can be easily imported to the USA. Ivory has to be "antique" to be imported, however the buyers were told that it was "antique" thus allowing them to take the ivory home. 

Posting on Twitter or Facebook or sharing the YouTube video really helps!

Watch the YouTube video @

Update: In the International Herald Tribune on Thursday, August 2, they said that $4.9 million worth of ivory was  seized in Hanoi, Vietnam. This is a rising problem and must stop!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Heike Becker GERMANY
      • about 10 hours ago

      Ich bin entsetzt, das es heute noch Menschen gibt, die überhaupt so etwas kaufen. Ohne Käufer, keine Nachfrage.

    • Melanie Sommerfeld NEUSS, GERMANY
      • 1 day ago

      shame !!!!

    • Sajitkumar Vasudevan MALAYSIA,JOHOR BAHRU, MALAYSIA
      • 3 days ago

      world peace

    • Anke Hagen GERMANY
      • 14 days ago

      I speak for those who have no voice - and you?

    • Jacqueline Blaylock INDIANAPOLIS, IN
      • 14 days ago

      This is horrible :( They will become extinct !!! wait till they die naturally for the tusk people !!!


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