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Implement the Firearms Safety Act of 2013 to Stop Gun Violence in Maryland
  • Petitioning Gov. Martin O'Malley MD

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Gov. Martin O'Malley MD

Implement the Firearms Safety Act of 2013 to Stop Gun Violence in Maryland

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      Moving Maryland Forward

We send a big ‘Thank You’ to Governor O’Malley and Maryland’s legislators for the passing of the landmark Firearms Safety Act of 2013. This measure will help save lives in Maryland by requiring handgun purchasers to first obtain a fingerprint-based background check and license from the State Police.

A report from the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research shows that these requirements are one of the most effective tools a state can use to prevent guns from getting into the hands of criminals and others who would use them to kill or injure. We are very proud of this achievement and we hope other states will follow our lead.

We are also happy that the new law also bans assault weapons, limits gun magazines to no more than 10 bullets, gives the state the needed authority to better regulate gun dealers, requires gun owners to report lost or stolen guns, prohibits persons with probations before verdict for violent crimes from getting guns, and increases penalties for the use in crime of cop-killer bullets. 

Now, we ask that you make sure the new law is fully and properly implemented in order that its promise of improved public safety is fulfilled.

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    • David Vernet COLLEGE PARK, MD
      • 4 months ago

      My niece and nephew live in Maryland.

    • Lela Managadze ROCKVILLE, MD
      • 11 months ago

      Because so many kids and adults die from gunshots yearly.


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