Restore John Bujak's law license

Restore John Bujak's law license

    1. Jean Bujak
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      Jean Bujak

      Coeur d'Alene, ID

September 2013


Jean Bujak: Strong legal arguments, persistence, and finally the rendering of a just judgment by the Idaho Supreme Court.

We live in a democracy based on "liberty and justice for all." It seems not to be true in Canyon County Idaho. My son John Bujak has always felt the need to be of service to his country. After being discharged from the Navy where he trained as a SEAL he graduated from Gonzaga law school and became a successful defense attorney three times being named “Best Attorney” attorney of the year. The desire to make a difference in the justice system prompted him to seek public office and he was overwhelmingly elected as the Canyon County prosecuting attorney.

While in office for one year and nine months he markedly reduced gang-related activity, improved the juvenile justice system, and redirected and redesigned his department which was one of the first in the nation to go paperless.

With permission of the county commissioners he legally developed a personal contract to have his office provide legal services to the city of Nampa Idaho. All additional costs were reimbursed to the county and legal services were markedly improved saving the city and the county taxpayers significant dollars. The prosecuting attorney's office benefited operationally and office personnel were given raises at no cost to the county. The benefits of his contract continue to this day. When it became public knowledge that John personally benefited financially (something that was perfectly legal), the commissioners denied ever having given permission and had him charged criminally.

John was forced to resign and sign over his contract. He voluntarily surrendered his license to practice law while defending himself during the two-year long legal battle. After acquittal of all charges the Idaho State Bar agreed to support the return of his license. However, the Idaho Supreme Court denied the request citing the same false accusations of which he had been cleared. The county has spent more than $650,000 of taxpayer money in attempts to discredit John.

John has a family to support and has not been able to find secure work for over two years because of the false allegations. If a lawyer and former county prosecutor can't find justice, what are the chances of anyone living in Idaho being treated fairly?

I ask you to sign the petition to the Idaho State Supreme Court to reinstate John's law license. The jury found him innocent. Ours is a government of the people, by the people, for the people and the people have spoken. I wonder how often this happens in our justice system. Isn't it time to have an ethics committee check on the system of justice in Idaho?

Please help support John in his attempts to find justice. The people can't allow the forces of government to destroy an individual in support of political power. John is presenting his case to the Bar Commissioners in early September. We trust that they will act as an unbiased jury and judge the facts of the case. No matter their findings, the final determination rests in the hands of the Idaho Supreme Court which has final jurisdiction. They are currently acting with prejudice and without due process. Please consider signing this petition. Time is of the essence. Thank you.

John Bujak has been found innocent. HIs law license should be returned so that he can help people and provide for his family. Respect the voice of the people who served on the juries and found John NOT GUILTY. Restore John's law license to him now!

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    • Jammie Simmons NAMPA, ID
      • 11 months ago

      John Bujak is a great attorney, who has been found innocent of charges brought against him. Lets get him his license to practice law back to him and he can go on to hopefully be Canyon County prosecuting attorney again. John Bujak cared for the people and served Canyon County better than the current in office.

    • Michael Gizinski NEW MEADOWS, ID
      • 11 months ago

      John was declared not guilty by two juryies, so his license should be given back!!!!!

    • Deborah Pollan STITIES, ID
      • 11 months ago

      When he was found innocent he should have been able to get his license back.

    • calvin & carol cobb HOMEDALE, ID
      • 11 months ago


    • Mike Pollard CALDWELL, ID
      • 11 months ago

      Mr. Bujak has been cleared of all charges. It's time to give him back his license to practice law!


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