Keep Eblim Osmar Banega'a Family Together!
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Secretary of DHS
Janet Napolitano
Assistant Field Office Director of ICE
Ramon Badoa

Keep Eblim Osmar Banega'a Family Together!

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Everyday innocent families are being broken apart.The sad truth of having parents, siblings, cousins, friends and neighbors taken away forever is hard to believe in this 21st century. Eblin Osmar Banegas-Murrilo is one of these unfortunate stories that needs to be turned around. Eblin Osmar Banegas-Murrilo (A#077-609-275) is the head of his house but most importantly a father and husband. Eblin Osmar Banegas-Murrilo was detained on 05/25/2013 leaving his 2 year old daughter, a United States Citizen, and his wife Karla Hernandez without a provider. Eblin Osmar Banegas-Murrilo is an active community member, a hard working, honest and loyal man who came to the Unites states at age 19 for a better life and future from Honduras.Now at age 36 and with 14 years  living, working and helping the United States economy his family and himself count on these signatures to help stop his deportation.

Please help reunite him with his baby daughter and wife here, in the only country he calls home.

Janet Napolitano, Secretary of DHS
Ramon Badoa, Assistant Field Office Director of ICE
Keep Eblim Osmar Banega'a Family Together!

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