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Tell Hillsborough County to stop withholding contraceptive medication!

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      Atlantic Beach, FL

A jail guard refused a Tampa woman her second morning after pill while she suffered from the aftermath of rape. One person's religious beliefs do not trump another's health decisions! »

Sexual assault can leave a person feeling powerless. Denying a survivor of their right to use contraceptives only makes the situation riddled with worry. It strips away a key element of recovery-- the knowledge that everyone can have control of their own body. This includes making their own choices about medication.

Using the "conscience clause" as justification for not allowing this woman her pill goes beyond disrespectful -- it is downright dehumanizing.

Hillsborough needs to allow all of its citizens to take prescribed or approved medication, regardless of location or religious beliefs. Let's tell Hillsborough to stop withholding contraceptive medication! »
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