Help us campaign against the hypocrisy of the RSPCA
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Help us campaign against the hypocrisy of the RSPCA

    1. Charlotte Faulkner
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      Charlotte Faulkner

      newcastle, United Kingdom

RSPCA are operating bully boy tactics to scare innocent people. 

My happy, healthy dogs were taken away illegally in June 2011 June, and I was devestated.  They were much loved members of my family, and they have been torn from me. They misled me into letting them in, as I trusted them, and thought I had nothing to worry about.  When they told me they were taking my pets away I asked the police to see their warrant.  They said they didn't need one, and told me they would break down my door if I obstructed them.  As I had never had trouble with the law before, I didn't realise this was untrue, and could have asked them to leave at any time.  I was scared and confused, so let them take my animals illegally.  They used this tactic to steal my dogs. After they had been stolen, I walked around the house like a zombie, like a nightmare I couldn't wake up from.  I was numb from emotion.  I couldn't cry until 2 weeks later, when I told the story to my mother, and just broke down.

 Only due to this traumatic situaton,  it has come to light the truth behind  the real RSPCA.  I used to really believe and support them as I am a lifelong an

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    1. Thankyou to you all who have signed.

      Charlotte Faulkner
      Petition Organizer

      Please, carry on circulating this petition to your friends, as we must try to inform animal lovers in advance, so they don't go through our nightmare. Thankyou x

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      • 16 days ago

      RSPCA took my dog before I could treat him and won't tell me where he is. They are only after prosecuting me rather than letting me treat my dog.

    • Angel Buzolic LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 month ago

      The rspca tried to take my dogs cos i was one damn day late on getting their year booster! Then had the cheek to turn round & say they should be put down as their jap akitas & are a danger to other dogs! My girls have never hurt anyones dogs,cats so go do one rspca dickheads!!

    • zeljko babic AUSTRALIA
      • 2 months ago

      there is nothing royal about this society. the queen regularly indulges in the hunting and shooting of defenceless animals so the good lord only knows how she can be a worthy patron....i have been harassed by the rspca because somebady called them complaining my dog had no shelter.....he is a siberian husky bred for the coldest climate on earth abnd i bought him a very expensive kennell when i had rescued him from a dogs home....he never used it and after 3 years it decayed and had to throw it out....ridiculous...i used to regularly contribute and had a donation tin in my shop ..NEVER AGAIN.

    • Richard Connew LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 2 months ago

      In February 2013 a dog breeder who helped me a lot when I started out breeding dogs had a knock at the door. That knock turned her life upside down just because an anonymous person rang up and said she was doing bad things but with no proof at all. Eventually in early 2014 she won through with the court case but not without extremely serious impact on her life and those of many others involved. It shocked me at the time that "authorities" could behave so easily in the way they did without apparently answering to anyone! To that end I made a film which is released today.

      You can see the NEW film "JAILHOUSE DOG" here (This is a 1 hour plus feature film! so get comfortable before settling down to watch it)

      While the story of JAILHOUSE DOG is entirely fictional as are the characters it may surprise you to learn that the majority of the events concerning animals shown in the film although taken out of their original context are true as are many of the powers used. The gap between animal welfare and animal rights has over the last ten years or so quietly widened to the point where it is now a very worrying difference seriously impacting on people's rights. We hope this film while for your entertainment primarily will also stimulate enthusiastic debate on just how much people's rights can or should be ignored and abused in favour of animal rights.

      Please help us to share this film.

    • katrina calleja AUSTRALIA
      • 3 months ago

      The rspca is a disgusting money Hungary organisation and the do not follow any procedures when making accusations against pet owner they think they can't take dogs from autistic children when the dog is in a good home being looked after


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