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Help Train a New Generation of Lifesavers Today
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Governor Elect Inslee and Washington state Lawmakers

Help Train a New Generation of Lifesavers Today

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      American Heart Association Washington

High school is full of life lessons. It should also include lifesaving lessons. It’s time for students to learn CPR before they graduate — a change that would put thousands of qualified lifesavers on our streets. You can help train a generation of lifesavers by signing this petition to urge Washington legislators to support CPR training in high schools.

Every year, emergency responders treat nearly 300,000 cases of cardiac arrest. Sadly, by the time an ambulance arrives, often too many minutes have passed for resuscitation efforts to be effective. In some parts of our state, like King County, the sudden cardiac arrest survival rate is among the best in the world, though it is still just 50%. Unfortunately, survival rates in rural areas are far lower.

Bystander CPR is the key to survival; it can double or even triple survival rates. Incorporating CPR training in school curriculum will prepare students in EVERY community to administer CPR in an emergency.

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