Help Save Virginia's Wilderness Battlefield from Wal-Mart

Help Save Virginia's Wilderness Battlefield from Wal-Mart

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From NPCA:

Help Save Virginia's Wilderness Battlefield from Wal-Mart

The Civil War's Wilderness Battlefield is under siege...again! But, this time it does not involve soldiers and artillery. Wal-Mart and JDC Ventures LLC of Vienna, Virginia, have proposed to commercially develop 240,000 square feet on critically important land at the historic Wilderness Battlefield and just across the road from the National Park Service's center of interpreting the Battle of the Wilderness.

NPCA, as part of the Wilderness Battlefield Coalition, and the National Park Service and Virginia's Department of Historic Resources have determined that Wal-Mart's project would irrevocably harm the battlefield, undermine the visitor's experience of the National Military Park, and open the door for more incompatible, large-scale development at the gateway to the national park. 

UPDATE--AUGUST 26, 2009: The Orange County Board of Supervisors have now voted 4-1 to grant a permit for Wal-Mart to construct their Supercenter. This outcome is not surprising, even though it is appalling. NPCA and the National Park Service--as well as other historic preservation and conservation groups--strongly opposed the grant of the permit. We have called on Wal-Mart's executive leadership to make the decision to relocate their new Orange County store, regardless of obtaining a permit. NPCA does not oppose growth in Orange County, but think it should be done in a sustainable manner.

Wal-Mart can afford to demonstrate corporate responsibility and protect an important American historic site while making a healthy profit from a relocated store.

If you have not yet taken action on this issue: please send a message today to Wal-Mart's CEO Michael Duke. Ask him to step up and protect this important national park. Urge him to work with NPCA, the National Park Service, and other organizations to select a more appropriate location that will not harm the Wilderness Battlefield--where tens of thousands were killed or wounded and where the course of American history was changed forever.

Here's What You Can Do: Help save Wilderness Battlefield and our nation's Civil War heritage by asking Wal-Mart to relocate its proposed Supercenter below.

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    • Jennifer Hall GREENEVILLE, TN
      • almost 5 years ago

      You have already participated in this advocacy campaign.

    • Alan Haggard SAN DIEGO, CA
      • almost 5 years ago

      I believe I posted this before, but I'm glad you did as well so that you can gather more participation. That's what is truly important. There are enough Wal-Marts as it is. They don't need to destroy a historic landmark to construct another.

    • Annie Cawley SAINT JOSEPH, MO
      • almost 5 years ago

      Signed and shared on facebook as well...Thanks Ryan!!

    • Ryan M. CHICAGO, IL
      • almost 5 years ago

      Initiated this Pledge!


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